Traveling through the flavors of the European Union

Since September 2020, the campaign A trip to Europe in every bite commitment to bring Mexicans closer to the food and beverages offered by Europe. Through a series of activities, consumers, the media and the food industry sector have been invited to explore the extensive range of products from the European Union (EU) and their applications in Mexican gastronomy to create a culinary experience that delights the palate.

Let’s dive into this amazing and tasty journey!

The campaign has participated in different fairs and festivals, reaching various audiences such as the Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria 2021 last October in Guadalajara. There we were the guests of honor, and we had an impressive pavilion inaugurated by the Ambassador of the EU in Mexico, HE Gautier Mignot. The pavilion offered cooking shows and EU food tastings as activities that were enjoyed by all those present, including consumers, importers, distributors and more.

Recently, A trip to Europe in every bite participated in the Sabor es Polanco festival. In addition to offering delicious canapés and pairing drinks from the EU, the campaign stand hosted cooking demonstrations by a professional chef who explained how the canapés were prepared and how consumers could include EU ingredients and a variety of gastronomic fusion in your daily meals.

Discover new flavors, page by page

On the occasion of the ANTAD & Alimentaria Expo, the book “A trip to Europe in every bite”. This is a unique edition that pays tribute to EU food and drink. Readers will be able to learn more about the EU, its food, drinks and qualities that characterize these authentic products. You will also find incredible table setting proposals and tasteful ideas on how to integrate EU products into daily meals, with recipes created exclusively by the campaign’s ambassador chefs, such as Daniel Ovadía, Édgar Núñez, Marco Carboni, Diego Nephew, Gerard Bellver, Juantxo Sánchez, Oswaldo Oliva and Vicente Torres.

Download the online version here.

Getting to know the agri-food producers of the EU

Since the summer of 2021, we have partnered with Alan Estrada (Alan x el mundo), a renowned travel and foodie influencer, to develop six educational capsules that showed the production processes of cheeses, cereals, fruits, confectionery, vegetables and meats in the EU. In this way, Mexican consumers had the opportunity to see these products first-hand and check the quality and safety of European food. Click below to watch the videos:

EU Cereals with Alan Estrada

EU cheeses with Alan Estrada

EU Fruits with Alan Estrada

EU Confectionery with Alan Estrada

EU Vegetables with Alan Estrada

EU Meats with Alan Estrada

What Mexican consumers want

A trip to Europe in every bite has made a strong commitment to increasing awareness of EU food and beverages among the Mexican food industry and regular consumers. In fact, a recent survey conducted at the end of 2021 revealed that:

  • In Mexico, there is a greater knowledge and consumption of food and beverages from the EU;
  • 90% of consumers prefer not to sacrifice high quality for lower prices;
  • Consumers, businesses and the hospitality sector are increasingly aware of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and the EU Organic Seal labels.

Other relevant activities of this incredible trip:

  • B2B Masterclasses where the guests had the opportunity to learn about the applications and the importance of including European cereals, bread and pasta, cheeses and chocolates in their offer.
  • B2B Food Lab to delve into the amazing world of EU olive oil.
  • VIP dinners in which the main merits of EU food and drink – quality, authenticity, safety – were conveyed through delicious menus prepared with European ingredients, for representatives of the food and drink retail sector and the HoReCa industry, as well as for the media.
  • Informative bulletins on fashionable topics in the European restaurant sector, which offer valuable information to representatives of the B2B sector for decision-making.
  • Tastings with consumers in Mexico, Guadalajara and Monterrey to bring Mexicans closer to the products that the EU offers throughout the country.

This journey through unique European flavors will continue throughout 2022, promoting the unique qualities that distinguish meats, fruits, confectionery, olive oils, cheeses, dairy products, vegetables, cereals, bread, pasta, chocolate, wines, beers and liquors from the EU. If you want to know more about these European delicacies visit: or follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @bocadosdeeuropa.