Tostitripas, the snack that came to Netflix thanks to ‘La Divina Gula’; we tell you what they are

The gastronomic folklore it is definitely an issue that is present in the streets of Mexico more than we would like. It is there where you can find all kinds of snacks, snacks, beverages and much more, because apparently the Mexican it is experimental with the meal for nature and this is how great delicacies have been discovered without which no one could now understand life, rest or leisure time.

is not the same a mexican appetizerwhat meal either snack. While Mexican food is almost always aesthetically plated so that you feel like it, fill you up and everything is as healthy as possible, the first ones, which are also snacks, are sometimes a combo, because they can have everything, since there are no limits and snack mixes are allowed. For this reason, from end to end of the Mexican Republic, you can find all kinds of snacks and snacks.