Tortilla consumption has been reduced due to price and poor quality

The tortilla is the basis of Mexican food. It has been consumed since ancient times and for generations it has been the main component of the Mexican diet. Courtesy: Yakult

*In Mexico, the right to healthy, sufficient and quality food is enshrined in article 4 of the Political Constitution.

The tortilla is the main food of Mexicans, providing on average about 45% of the calories, 40% of the proteins and 50% of the calcium that is required. In rural areas they can increase the percentages up to 70% of calories and 50% of daily protein intake. However, in recent years, In Mexico, the consumption of this has been reduced, indicated the National Campaign Without Corn There is No Country.

The above due to the price and poor quality of the products that are added to the production of tortillasyes What has caused them to be replaced by junk food, causing a serious epidemic of obesity and diabetes. These diseases have high social and economic costs.

This situation can be aggravated by the unjustified rise in the price of corn and the lack of a policy that regulates the grain trade and monitors the regulations for tortilla production, explained the National Campaign. When one of the priorities of every government is to cover the basic food needs of citizens.

In this sense, they pointed out that the marketers are closing their doors or conditioning the sale of grain and corn exceeds prices never seen. In other words, the supply market is uncertain.

In Mexico there is sufficient production of white corn for tortillas, as 24 million tons are harvested each year. The price increase is the product of unjustified financial speculation that we Mexicans do not deserve, added the National Campaign.

Mexican corn tortillas are a fundamental part of dishes as typical of that country as tacos and quesadillas. Courtesy: COOSUR

Thus, They made a strong call to the authorities at their different levels of government to take decisive action promptly and expeditiously in the face of the current price crisis..

Likewise, they stated that Mexico produces enough white corn to supply the 13 million tons per year required to make authentic nixtamal dough tortillas, and another 6.5 million tons to make corn flour.

In addition, the imported corn is yellow, for industrial uses such as processed food for poultry, cattle and pigs. In addition to the current crisis in price increases, this does not respond to a supply problem, but to a financial speculation derived from international issues.

Spreading the opposite represents an action against the economic stability of our country and our food sovereignty. We cannot allow corn for tortillas to be used in industry and for livestock and not as our main food. Nor should it be tolerated that tortilla flour manufacturers use poor quality yellow the National Campaign.

Having said that, they emphasized the urgency of creating a national body that regulates and establishes national commercial benchmarks based on internal supply and demand, taking human consumption as a priority and therefore food sovereignty.

They urged that the country produce the white and yellow corn that is required to cover food priorities.

A goal that can be achieved, because only then will there be security, above all, food sovereignty.

Having tortillas made with only good quality corn, without agrochemicals and without transgenics, nixtamalized exclusively with lime and water, is a right of Mexicans and a matter of national security. In addition, it privileges our ancient culture and improves healthy, nutritious and wholesome food, concluded the National Campaign Without Corn There is No Country.

Mexico is the center of origin of corn, 60 native or creole races are preserved, rich in genetic resources. Courtesy: Tortilla Foundation.

The Ministry of Economy (SE) reported that the main inputs in tortilla production are flour and nixtamal dough, which are produced with corn. When the price of grain rises, so the costs to produce tortillas rise, causing increases in its price.

In this sense, the variation in the price of corn is due to various factors, one of the main ones being climate. Therefore, the instruments available to the Federal Government seek to lessen the impact of the increase in inputs for tortilla production and that the price offered to the consumer does not rise to levels that are not justified.

A tortilla

A corn tortilla is a flat and circular food made with nixtamalized corn, which is ground, made into dough, and cooked on a griddle. Courtesy: Tortilla Foundation

The Mexican tortilla is the oldest symbol and tradition of Mexican cuisine, indicated the Agrifood and Fisheries Information Service. Daily consumption in Mexico is approximately three hundred million.

Of course, there are machines that make them in large quantities, but in many parts of the country, especially rural areas, making tortillas is still a manual task for women.

The tortilla is the quintessential Mexican food, it represents a national symbol, it has been one of the axes of the culture’s development and it is a source of vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

This food is, without a doubt, the protagonist of Mexican dishes along with chili, a combination that represents Mexicanness, reported the Information Service.