Together we grow | Toscana Rhythm, a place to enjoy Italian food with a Mexican flavor – El Occidental

Angélica and her husband David Antonio thought about starting an Italian cooking business six years ago, but it was not until the pandemic hit that they decidedseeing that their savings were running out and that the real estate market, to which they had dedicated themselves for 18 years, was contracted.

“We spent a season basically without income and with the last little savings that were left we decided to open the food business, without experience in the restaurant industry, because we had been totally in the real estate business, but the only thing that was sold in that ugly and pitiful season It was the food.”

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This is how Toscana Rhythm arose, the signature Italian cuisine establishment on the top floor of Callejón Angulo, the gastronomic corridor located at 1473 Angulo Street, two blocks from the market and two blocks from the Santa Tere temple, a neighborhood in which they decided to undertake , for its commercial vocation.

The business opened on December 4, 2020 and has grown. It receives more and more customers, but there were many adversities they faced, one of them just two weeks after it opened, when the state government decided that restaurants would have permission to operate for diners until 7:00 p.m. and then only through home delivery.

At that time they had no clients and they thought that the measure could be the end of their business, but they continued to work, supported by their children, who were 14 and 15 years old at the time. “When you see that people begin to respond, that they begin to like your food and that they begin to come repeatedly, you see that the work is very well done.”

In the area, for just over a year they have seen at least five businesses close that did not work and, according to Angélica, the secret is to do things with passion, because not even the marketing and accounting knowledge that she and her husband have, were enough to achieve success.

In addition, they have made costs more efficient by taking charge of 100% of their restaurant and just hired one employee to stay all week and one more for weekends, which is when orders grow, but their goal is to continue growing, generate jobs and think about more branches or franchises.

What do they sell at Toscana Rhythm?

The specialty is lasagnas, but there are also Italian pastas and pizzas, as well as salads that can be enjoyed on the terrace while listening to good music or to take away.