Together amplifies in the Councils the claim to increase the values ​​of the SAE

The incessant increase in prices, especially of basic foods within the family basket, has an impact not only on the table of Argentines, but also on the support that the school system provides to the most needy sectors.

Thus, from several deliberative councils of the province of Buenos Aires initiatives emerged tending to request the Executive of Axel Kicillof an urgent increase in the values ​​set for the School Food Service (SAE).

One of them was that of Lincoln, where the radical Salvador Serenal governs, who dealt with a request from the Juntos interbloc to address the Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community, Andrés Larroque, the general director of Culture and Education, Alberto Sileoni, and the governor , Axel Kicillof, “so that they urgently review the update of the amounts of the School Food Service for the 2022 school year.”

“Currently they receive 44.04 pesos for breakfast or snack, and 100.75 pesos for the dining room,” explained the official mayors, adding that “before March the current values ​​were 39.60 and 85, respectively.”

The same thing happened in Carmen de Patagones, territory of Mayor PRO José Luis Zara. There, the local deliberative made the same claim, assuring that “Argentina is immersed in an economic crisis that plunges more and more children and young people below the poverty line, making the efficient presence of the State necessary.”

In addition, the councilors of Patagones expressed that the expected increase “involves only a 17% increase in the amount corresponding to lunch, 12% to breakfast/snack and 21% for shelter and residences, which is not consistent with the high inflationary index as well as with the constant increase in prices in the food category.

In the same sense, the representative of Together in the School Council of the La Costa party, Matías Porta, expressed his concern considering that “the Province wants a boy to have breakfast with 44 pesos and lunch with $100.

It should be noted that through the MESA program, the Buenos Aires government extended the delivery of food modules during 2022, as happened during the pandemic.