TODAY is taco day! and this is what you should like every good Mexican

Today March 31 is Taco Day in Mexico, this being a benchmark in terms of Mexican cuisine, since there are all kinds and flavors around the country, so we share with you how this celebration originated and everything that you should know as a good Mexican.

How were tacos born?

According to the publication ‘Brief history of Mexican food’, from 1994, the chronicler Jesús Flores y Escalante indicated that tacos emerged during the nineteenth-century civil wars, as it was an easy way to wrap food with tortillas. Years later, the first adopted the name of tacos sudados and after canasta, which are the ones that are known today.

Why is it celebrated on March 31?

It all started because, in 2007, Televisa launched an advertising campaign, announcing this celebration, under the phrase “Because everyone has their day: Taco Day, March 31.” Thus, the television station invited its viewers to commemorate this date.

14 years have passed and the celebration continues, both in the country’s capital and in the states of the Mexican Republic. On the occasion of this date, various taquerias have implemented promotions to attract more customers so that everyone can enjoy some good tacos.

The most popular taco is?

In Mexico, the taco has a great variety, which has led us to have international recognition, but what are the tacos that the Mexican prefers?

The pastor taco is one of the most popular, always in its characteristic top and accompanied by pineapple, onion, cilantro and sauce.

Carnitas and barbecue tacos have become famous for eating on a Sunday morning.

The sudado or basket taco is a symbol, finding them submerged inside a blue-lined basket becomes a meal that fills your stomach and satisfies your heart.

Talking about popular tacos and not addressing cochinita tacos would be disrespectful, especially when you enjoy them at a baseball game.

10 types of tacos in Mexico:

  1. Golden tacos – This style is usually very popular in Mexico and in neighboring countries such as Honduras and Puerto Rico, fundamentally they are usually submerged in oil until they have a certain firmness, you can fill them with beef, potatoes, beans, even carrots and accompany them with cream, cheese and lettuce.
  2. Governor Taco- It arose in Mazatlán, and it is the law to order it in a seafood restaurant, this taco that has shrimp, peppers and a layer of cheese that covers it completely, makes this taco one of the most special.
  3. Shepherd’s Taco – Despite having been born in Arab countries, the pastor’s taco was adapted to the Mexican, as if they were made for each other, a corn tortilla in which pork, pineapple, cilantro and the magic touch of a good lemon.
  4. Pleasant Tacos – This taco is to be enjoyed on a weekend, at lunch or at any time, because does the taco have time to eat? It is distinguished by having a piece of chicharrón, cheese, avocado / nopales.
  5. Pork Taco – Close to Mayan cuisine, the cochinita taco has become a classic in many parts of Mexico, prepared with pork marinated in achiote, you can enjoy it with spicy onions.
  6. barbecue taco – For barbecue, the one from Hidalgo, a state that is distinguished by the quality of this taco, which is cooked on its own juice for hours, is with lamb meat and most of the time it is accompanied by its belly, accompany it with lemon and onion .
  7. Armored Tacos – This dish was born in Morelos, and it is enough to accompany it with rice, steak, stuffed chili, milanesa or cecina to taste it.
  8. Advice cue – It is the mixture of the beef and the fat that lies on the thighs and the skin, you usually find these tacos in the nightlife, where you will find a wide variety of tacos de tripa, longaniza, campechanos.
  9. Taco of carnitas – Since the time of Christopher Columbus, these tacos arrived through the pigs, their elaboration covers all parts of the pig, the secret is to leave it for hours so that it is ready.
  10. basket cue – The basket taco covers a wide variety of flavors: chicharrón, adobo, potato, bean, mincemeat, some even add other flavors, this taco is distinguished by its excess fat, but a typical Mexican snack.