Toast with honey and parmesan cheese

This simple and quick recipe is ideal for children to gain experience in the kitchen. By combining the sweetness of the honey and the saltiness of the cheese, an explosion of flavor is created that the family will love. Toasts are an excellent dish for any time of the day, either for breakfast or for a snack. Follow the step by step of Juliana Orozco in children cook and add this recipe to your family menu.

Toast is a slice of any type of bread put on fire or heat to achieve a crispy texture on its crust. Thanks to its simple preparation, the toast is a blank canvas to create and try new combinations of flavors. In fact, each country has adapted it to the ingredients available in its geography and, thanks to this, typical dishes have been developed such as French toast, Welsh toast, bruschettasthe crostini and Spanish tapas.

In the case of Juliana Orozco’s recipe, the toast serves as a medium for the salty and the sweet to come together creating a unique contrast of flavors. In addition, as it is a quick and simple preparation, it is suitable for children to begin to discover and learn about culinary creativity that they can exploit in the kitchen.

  • slices of sliced ​​bread
  • Butter
  • honey bees
  • Grated Parmesan cheese

Use these ingredients and utensils to follow the step by step of Juliana Orozco’s recipe. Also, enjoy more creative recipes that Juliana Orozco has created especially for children, in Children Cook, a weekly video program from Semana Play.

Despite not being a chef by training, Juliana Orozco has dedicated her life to cooking. This business administrator is the co-founder of the Ixcacau pastry and chocolate shop and, in 2020, she published her first recipe book: it tastes like family. On his Instagram (@mesabeafamilia) he has more than 12,000 followers with whom he shares his fondness for culinary heritage and for pampering those he loves most through recipes. His culinary style focuses on creativity and simplicity so that the daily work of feeding the family is a rewarding and easy experience.

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