To dress pasta or flavor fish and simple salads, the flavored oil in 5 versions will be ideal

Cooking for yourself or the family every day can be a good habit. Occasionally, however, due to the time available or lack of imagination, the same first or second courses are prepared and it is resolved. This could affect the taste or not entice you to eat with an appetite. A quick solution to give new life to the usual spaghetti or salad, not to mention the slice of meat or fish, is to use condiments. Extra virgin olive oil is widely used in Italian cuisine and is also found at an affordable price. It can be bought flavored in delicatessens and local products. Chilli oil is very well known. The oil also lends itself to being enriched with many other aromas and also with turmeric.

To dress pasta or flavor fish and simple salads, the flavored oil in 5 versions will be ideal

It takes very little to prepare the flavored oil. It can be done hot or cold. Let’s see how.

Mint flavored oil

  • 250 ml of extra virgin olive oil;
  • 10/15 mint leaves.

Heat the oil to about 75 degrees, turn off, add the mint and let it cool. At the end it will be enough to filter the oil and store it in a bottle. It is ready to use and excellent in salads or to flavor vegetable side dishes.

Basil flavored oil

  • 250 ml of EVO oil;
  • 10 basil leaves;
  • a clove of garlic;
  • a little organic lemon peel.

Heat the oil to a maximum temperature of 75 degrees, turn off the heat and add the basil, garlic and a piece of lemon peel. When it has cooled, filter and store in a small bottle. This flavored oil is good for dressing pasta or a salad.

Cold flavored oil

If we choose to add cold flavors to the oil, we will have to wait longer for it to be ready for use. Here are three versions.

Oil with ginger and lemon

In a small bottle pour the EVO oil, some organic lemon zest and a little fresh ginger. Leave in the dark for about ten days, so that the aromas soak the oil well. It can make fish and meats special.

Oil with rosemary

Insert sprigs of rosemary or needles alone in the bottle, leave the oil in the dark for at least three weeks and then use especially on meat, including chicken.

Oil with aromatic herbs

For an oil with a stronger taste, several herbs could be used together, for example mint leaves and sage with rosemary needles. The flavored oil will be ready after two weeks.

To dress pasta or flavor fish and simple salads, the flavored oil in 5 versions will be ideal.

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