To bread, bread: how much has breakfast risen each day?

The minimum breakfast for a good part of the population is tea, sugar, bread and margarine. “If you can’t, it will have to be pan pelao. And if you get hungry, another cup of tea with sugar to trick your stomach”, says Anita, a resident of Villa Francia.

And if the prices of these four products reported by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) are analyzed, it is recorded that sugar, bread and tea have grown more than the CPI from December 2020 to April 2022.

Sugar has had a rise of 22.4% in this period, well above the 12.3% inflation that was registered in that period. The most telling thing is that almost half of the rise in sugar was recorded in the first four months of this year (16.6%).

The same occurs with tea, which has also tended to increase its price by about 11.6% since December 2020, accelerating its value so far this year (9.8%).

While the price of bread, which had remained more or less stable for much of 2021, rose 9% between January and April of this year, thus accounting for an increase of 12.7% in the period from December 2020 to April 2022.

The same does not happen with margarine, which rises below inflation.

But what happens if we add a paila with egg or bread with avocado to that breakfast?

The paila with eggs has 2 ingredients that rose sharply between January and April of this year. Eggs registered a rise of 16% and oil, 40%, well above the inflation of those same 4 months, which reached 4.8%. Salt also registered an increase of 3.3%, but it is below the CPI.

Avocado, which in recent years has become an expensive product and which, according to PASO, can be found at free fairs for $3,570 per kilo, has had an increase of only 3.26% between January and April. The problem is not in this fruit, nor in the margarine or in the salt, but in accompanying it with bread, a product that has become more expensive in the same four months.

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