TM Logistics Honduras celebrates its fifth anniversary

San Pedro Sula. The company TM Logistics Honduras has celebrated its fifth founding anniversary with a warm breakfast in labor fraternity.

Photos Ángel Gabriel Sarmiento rights reserved for ICONOS Mag

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its founders cindy flowers and Rommel Andrademanagers of the company, have been luxurious hosts in the living room Trujillo the hotel Copantl.

They have guided the protocol with a prayer of thanksgiving and speeches in which they have expressed their pride and gratitude for this anniversary.

There, the more than 20 collaborators have gathered very early to toast the successes and prestige that this project, which was born on March 1, 2017 with five people, has reaped.

Fifth Anniversary TM Logistics Honduras

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«The pandemic gave us uncertainty and adversity and although other companies implemented the recession, we invested in experienced personnel. Now, I tell everyone that we are a company that values ​​staff one hundred percent and provides opportunities for growth»

cindy flowers – founder – manager TM Logistics Honduras

Fifth Anniversary TM Logistics Honduras

TM Logistics Honduras has consolidated reputation and ethics with its experience in logistics, maritime, land, air and customs transport.

Its success has been a constant with the commitment and professionalism of a comprehensive and upright team. For this reason, awards have been given to three pillar collaborators.

The winners are the sales executives risen pearl and Yesenia Menjivarwho have been with the company from day zero.

Also the finance manager varela nightfor his high spirit of collaboration in all situations.

All three have expressed gratitude and commitment to a company in which they have grown and developed their professional skills.

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“Getting to that fifth anniversary is incredible. We celebrate in the same place where everything was born. I hope and trust in God and in all the collaborators, that we get to celebrate more anniversaries and that the company continues to grow and develop»

Rommel A.ndrade – founder – manager TM Logistics Honduras

Fifth Anniversary TM Logistics Honduras

In addition, a compendium of photos has been projected that reflect the evolution and growth of a company based in San Pedro Sula.

Finally, to share that morning, a continental breakfast was arranged where the attendees thanked the Creator for that meeting.