Tiktoker analyzes two pieces of sausage under the microscope and this is the unpleasant result

tik tok It is the platform where today we find out everything. Both of the useful, and of the useless; what we want to know, as well as what we don’t. That’s probably why it’s so famous and who are we kidding? Even if you say you don’t like it, you probably have a secret account or don’t post videosbecause it makes you sad that others see you and it’s fine, each one arrives in his own time. Everything looks like trendy dances and people letting off steam, but it’s not like that, there are also scientists who upload interesting videos.

Precisely in the field of content of sciencerecently a small video went viral, where a tiktoker showed what was found when analyzing the chorizo ​​in a microscope. And is that the user @micro_terra He had previously analyzed food, street tacos, and what he has found has not always been what he expected. “After 4 months I already lost the disgust for the chorizo” assured the video creator.