Tiger has the perfect cup for breakfast and you can paint it to your liking

Having breakfast with a cup that you like will help you start the day better. It is true that this detail may seem insignificant, but the truth is that it helps more than we think. That is why, more and more, many people have become fond of collecting mugs with different designs that help them start the morning well. On Tiger We can find many different designs of mugs, but none like the one we are going to show you below, an original design that you can even customize.

Do you want to know what is the most original mug that you can find right now in the Tiger store? Well, we’ll tell you about it below, don’t miss it!

The customizable Tiger mug that you will want to have

It is a perfect cup for breakfast that you can even paint yourself in the colors that you like the most. It is a very original cup and, although it is true that the drawing is marked, it is white, so you can paint it completely without much effort.

In the pack of this Tiger mug a palette of six colors and the brush are includedso you don’t have to search for other colors if you don’t want, the mug itself comes with colors included.

Of course, being a cup that you have to paint yourself, you can’t put it in the dishwasher when washing it. You will have to wash it by hand and carefully so as not to remove the paint (although you can always paint it again and change the colors whenever you want). It’s also not a microwave safe mugso it will be better to heat the milk in a saucepan on the fire, like all life.

This cup, in addition to being for adults, can also be a very good option for children. children as it will help them further develop their creativity to power decorate the cup as they want. Of course, when painting the cup we recommend you to be present, in case it is for a child, because, after all, the cup is ceramic, so it can break.

Also, this cup Tiger DIY It can be a very good option as a gift, or as a complement to another larger gift, especially if the person you are giving it to is a mug lover. He’d love to have one he can modify himself, wouldn’t you say?

Its price, on the other hand, is very economical since it will only cost you 3 euroswith paint and brush included. Who said that buying customizable products is expensive? In Tiger, of course, it is very economical.

So if you want an original cup in which to drink coffee or tea every morning, this is a very good option, and for a very affordable price. What are you waiting for to go and get her? You’ll love looking at it every morning, you won’t regret it!