Three typical dishes of Acapulco that you must try

Thinking of Mexico has always been synonymous with culture, tradition and history, but also with gastronomy, because if something characterizes us as Mexicans, it is the taste for good food and the historical heritage that we have of flavors, textures and colors that have earned it , to our kitchen, the recognition as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

And if there is a destination that surprises and seduces its visitors not only for its natural beauty and incomparable sunsets, but also for offering a unique flavor experienceIt is Acapulco, whose fascinating gastronomy conquers even the most demanding palates through a wide variety of dishes that were born as a result of the fusion of two opposing cultures, the pre-Hispanic and the Spanish.

In that sense, and within the framework of the Mexican Tennis Open, we share with you three dishes that you cannot miss on your next visit to Acapulco and that we are sure will leave you wanting to try more:


If there is a traditional stew from Guerrero, is undoubtedly the pozole, a dish prepared with corn, meat and chili that is seasoned with oregano, ground chili, onion, radishes, fresh cheese, avocado and even a little pork rind.

This emblematic dish is so popular that since the 1980s, Acapulco has celebrated the tradition of the famous Thursday pozole, in which both tourists and families gather to taste this delicious stew that goes perfectly with mezcal.

In the various establishments of this tourist center you will find the classic green pozole and for those who do not eat spicy food, the best option will be the white pozole.


One of the typical foods that the locals love the most is stuffing, a dish made with pork seasoned with potatoes, carrots, apple, pineapple, plantain and raisins, which is served in bolillo to make a delicious cake that you can accompany with the classic soft drink of this tourist center, the Yoli, or, with a very cold chilate, a drink prepared from cocoa, rice, cinnamon and sugar. You’ll love it!

Carved fish

Served along the entire coast of Acapulco, from Barra Vieja to Pie de la Cuesta, It is one of the most typical dishes of Acapulco that consists of a fish, regularly red snapper, marinated in a red chili and spice sauce that opens in a butterfly shape and is cooked over charcoal or grilled, once ready it is served accompanied by salad, potatoes and warm tortillas to enjoy an exquisite taco.

Other safety pins

  • But in addition to these dishes, you can enjoy a traditional ceviche or refresh yourself with an icy coconut ice cream.
  • Special mention should be made of the local sweets made with coconut and tamarind, such as baked coconut candy, coconut popsicles and tamarind pulp mixed with chili or sugar, which are part of the culinary delights that will surprise you in this destination.
  • And if what you are looking for is something more international, in Acapulco you can also delight yourself with the great variety of prestigious restaurants that offer different specialties, options of Mexican, French, Italian, Thai, Japanese cuisine, and exquisite fusions of international cuisine. among other proposals that will surprise you.