This was the dish that caused Renée’s elimination in MasterChef Junior

from the far Agrabbah, the kitchen most famous of Mexico dressed in gala for the challenges of the semifinalbecause this time the complexitythe strain and the emotions they seized the Programwhere it was decided who would be the finalists of MasterChef Junior Mexico 2022where by the way, the competition was much more close than in all the previous episodes, where we were able to live tears Y laughs.

During the Programwe could see how the participants they ran to prepare all their cymbalssince unlike the previous programs, on this occasion 2 participants would leave the kitchen most famous of Mexico, so that 4 were the saved participants, who would appear in the grand final. However, things took an unexpected turn and then there will be a duel between Sofi and Carlos, who tied and cook once again to see who is the fourth of the finalists.