This Smoothie Serves As Rakul Preet Singh’s Post-Workout Meal And Also For Breakfast (recipe inside)

As important as it is to exercise, it is equally essential to eat a healthy and nutritious diet, both before and after training. that’s why actor Rakul Preet Singh loves enjoying a nutritious post-workout and breakfast drink that can be whipped up in a jiffy.

Your nutritionist and microbiome specialist. Munmun Ganeriwal shared the recipe for the power shake in his book Yuktahaar: The belly and brain diet.

Taking to Instagram, he said: “Want to know what Rakul Preet has for breakfast? Check out this recipe that works for him as a post-workout meal and for breakfast.”

In a previous interview with indianexpress.comGaneriwal had opened up about the adjustments he had made to the Rakul Preet system. diet. “Yes, Rakul and I have been working together on his diet and fitness. Some of the key areas we’ve been working on would be activating your parasympathetic response so you better recover from strenuous workouts, working on your metabolism, cleansing (or detoxifying) your gut ecosystem, etc.”

Here is the recipe for the drink.


2/3 cup – Unsweetened fresh almond milk
2/3 cup – Water
1 tablespoon whey isolate powder
1 tablespoon – whole flaxseeds
1-2 – Banana (the smallest variety)
Pinch – Cinnamon powder
Pinch – Cardamom powder
darling, if necessary


*Fresh mix without sugar almond milkwater, whey isolate powder, whole flaxseeds, and bananas (the smallest variety)
* Mix them together.
*Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon and cardamom powder.
*Add honey, if needed.

In the book, it mentions that the drink is a blend of “easy-to-digest whey isolate, fruit, seeds, and spices.” “This drink is easily Rakul Preet’s favorite and is a great post workout breakfast or dinner,” Ganeriwal said.

“Can be had on non-training days and also by people who don’t exercise!” Ganeriwal added.

Why is gut health important?

According to Ganeriwal, restoring the gut microbiome Not only will it help with weight loss, reset metabolism, support immunity, but it will also “help you restore your mental health and overall well-being.”

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