This Monday the school breakfast delivery opens

CONTROL. On Saturday, the board checked school breakfast products at businesses.


This Monday the delivery of school breakfast begins in the different educational units of districts 1 to 5, in Sucre. The District Board of Parents made a surprise inspection of the companies that were awarded the four products that will begin to be distributed this week.

Exactly seven days ago, after a mobilization, the Mayor’s Office promised parents to deliver school breakfast starting this Monday.


The municipal director of Education of the Mayor’s Office, Ybeliz Choque, confirming the distribution of this benefit from early today, informed CORREO DEL SUR last night that the four products scheduled for this week are: “bread with quinoa, cake with carrot, cake with tarwi flour and the refreshing apple-flavored drink”.

He clarified that in principle, the delivery will take place in all educational units of districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, since “at the request of the directors of rural establishments of districts 6, 7, and 8”, the distribution there will be from Monday, April 4.

“Companies that start tomorrow (for today) already have everything ready. Those that start on (Monday) April 4 have already signed a contract and are already preparing the products. Everything is already coordinated”, remarked Choque.

Likewise, the official revealed that of the 20 products that will be delivered this year, four are new and the others will be repeated from previous years. “Only four were modified this year, such as the apple-flavored soda, ice cream and some cookies.”


The Sucre Parents’ Board surprisingly inspected this Saturday the three companies in charge of distributing the school breakfast products, according to its general coordinator, René Barrón, with the aim of verifying the preparation processes and that guarantee delivery.

“Yesterday (for Saturday) we practically inspected three companies, which are: Impanor (natural products), Aisir and Asofap (Agricultural and Forestry Association of Punilla), to verify the conditions in which they are found and we have gone to find out if they, as a company, are guaranteeing delivery or not,” he said.


According to the coordinator of the Board of Parents of Sucre, René Barrón, today the students will be given bread with quinoa; tomorrow, Tuesday, cake with tarwi flour; on Wednesday, a refreshing apple-flavored drink; on Thursday, cake with carrot; and on Friday, another refreshing drink of the same flavor. Next week will vary with other products.