This is the secret of the taqueros to make ‘cheap’ guacamole – El Financiero

Regardless of scarcity or inflation affecting the price of avocadoin the taquerias there is always guacamole, what is the secret?

This Mexican sauce of pre-Hispanic origin was initially only made with ground avocado and chili; Over the years, ingredients brought from Europe have been added: onion, lemon (originally from Asia) and spices, not to mention all the diversity of guacamole that exists throughout the territory, with insects, fruits and regional ingredients.

With the popularity of guacamole in other countries, the recipe has been adapted to all types of palates, with more or less chili, or sometimes without chili for the fashionable dish: the avocado toast; however, this sauce is always the guest of honor at the bars of the mexican tacosa place that has been earned by enchilaring so many generations.

How to make cheap guacamole?

Each taco maker has his secret recipe, in principle that trick of popular wisdom is usually taken up again: make a very spicy sauce so that it works, although it is not usually effective for those who enjoy the sensation of getting enchiladas.

Outside of that, there are two very popular tricks to make this sauce on a budget: the “fake guacamole” and the guacamole sauce.

fake guacamole

Already in 2019, a recipe revealed by the cook Alexandra Navawho posted a video titled ‘Fake guacamole: the secret of the taqueros’, where he explained that this sauce was quite common in food businesses, since it offers the flavor and texture of avocado at a lower price and without anyone noticing. The controversial secret is that It does not have avocado, but zucchini.

A guacamole without avocado? Although it seems impossible, this recipe only requires: a split zucchini, four peeled green tomatoes, two tablespoons of oil, a halved jalapeño pepper, two peeled garlic cloves, half a teaspoon of salt and a little coriander.

In a pot with boiling water, add the zucchini and the tomatoes, once they are soft, remove them; then a jalapeño pepper is fried in oil. Everything is blended (without the water from the tomatoes), the oil in which the chili pieces were fried, a little coriander and salt are added.

It also stands out because this ‘guacamole’ never oxidizes, as the one with avocado does.

guacamole sauce

The name seems contradictory because guacamole is a sauce, but it is very different from the so-called ‘guacamole sauce’ also known as ‘avocado sauce’, which has less of the so-called ‘green gold’.

The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mexican Gastronomy explains that this is a raw green sauce to which is added mashed or fully ground ripe avocado.

“It is mainly used in the center of the country to accompany all kinds of tacos or snacks. This name is often used to distinguish it from regular guacamole, which usually has more avocado and a few chopped chilies”, he details.

There are those who do it with cooked tomatoes and chilies, adding a splash of vinegar and very little avocado, which gives it a creamy texture closer to guacamole.

With a single avocado you can make a good amount of this sauce.