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After a long time, Tini Stoessel gave a hand in hand on television. she did it in THE M in the run-up to his mega recital at the Palermo Racecoursewhich will be the first in a series of artistic dates for the pop diva who is in the center of attention today since it was confirmed that she is dating Rodrigo dePaul.

Strangely, in the cycle of America nobody asked him about the courtship and of course that Tiny He said absolutely nothing, a fact that outraged the public who wanted to know the spicy data and not see a note in which the artist was very careful.

Despite this, an unknown fact was revealed that slipped into the talk. After the artist told that she is obsessive and demanding with her work, that she gets involved in every detail including the stage, Yanina Torreswho is a close friend of Mariana Muzlerathe mother of Tinysent her to the front with how messy she is in private, behind closed doors.

I know your room…”, started the little angel, and then recounted the disaster that the singer usually leaves in her wake, a commotion of clothes, boots and make-up of all kinds. “when we were in Miamithe divine girl arrived and threw all the bags… Did you see the young girl who arrives, turns everything around, dresses up and leaves?”the panelist dismissed it and as someone who does not want the thing revealed a “addiction” of the former Violetta.

“A lot of makeup, a lot of toiletry bag in the bathroom…”continued Yanina until Tiny interrupted: “How I like the toiletry bag! They laugh at me because you walk into the room and I have 18,000 toiletry bags, I don’t know what for! I have like an addiction”. In addition to being addicted to cosmetic bags, she is a great fashionista and would be transferring her passion for accessories to her brand new partner, Paul’s.

What does Tiny have for breakfast?

Estefi Berardi asked him how he prepared before the shows and what he had for breakfast. “Food is important because I spend 12 hours without stopping. First, there is catering. I mix yogurt, fruit, eggs, avocado, toast, mate. Every day something different,” revealed the singer.

And she admitted that she is not good in the kitchen: “I don’t know how to cook anything.”

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