This is Nuria Roca’s breakfast to stay at her ideal weight

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Last Wednesday, March 23, Nuria Roca turned 50, of which 21 have been on television. Since then, the presenter has not stopped fulfilling professional dreams. She does not stop working and she stands out for having her own television program, The rockand for being part of one of the most important today, The Anthill.

She is also successful personally, along with her husband Juan del Val. And he doesn’t stop creating content either. your Instagram account (@nuriarocagranell) where she is very active and shares good moments of her life. For example, she publishes outfits and also what you eat daily. Here is one of the most curious things that Nuria Roca has published: her daily breakfast.

In a past post Monday March 21, Nuria Roca shared a collaboration with Philadelphia to tell what she likes for breakfast. The presenter put the following: “I love breakfast! And I like to do it when everything is calm…early, listening to the news, catching up and with enough time to enjoy it…”

In the image you could see what the presenter was drinking, and in this way, she told her audience what a healthy breakfast, delicious and quick to make: avocado, two wholemeal toasts with skimmed cheese, a good natural orange juice and fresh fruit, specifically raspberries, strawberries and a tangerine.

On the one hand, fruit is key at breakfast since it provides vitamin CIn this sense, both raspberries and strawberries and tangerines are a very good option. In the same way, the vitamin intake can also be given by a good natural orange juice.The presenter chooses both options.

On the other hand, a breakfast should also contain proteins and cheese is a very good option, as long as it is light. In addition, a healthy breakfast should also contain fatsSpecifically, avocado contains monounsaturated fats, which studies show could increase HDL cholesterol (the “good”). Nor is Nuria Roca unaware of the need to consume fiber in the mornings since it incorporates wholemeal bread into its toast.

Nuria Roca remains healthy and strong at 50 years old, but she also has her whims. In a March 23 post she shared that in this case, she was taking a chocolate toast (something that could be nocilla, nutella, or any healthy version of these creams).

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