This is how you can make a sauce from raw jalapeno peppers; here the recipe

“Don’t you like chili? Well, aren’t you Mexican?” This is surely a phrase that you have heard at least once in your life, if you live in Mexico. Mexico. Yes, it may sound a bit beat up or aggressive, but if you can stand it, you’ll know that no one does. in bad faith, because this pressure is probably necessary so that from a very early age we get used to tolerating at least the basics of chiliesbecause they are a ingredients quite common in gastronomy national.

Yes, it is a fact that almost no mexican conceive the idea of ​​a snack, Soup, stew or even dessert without any sauceeven if you choose the option “that doesn’t itch”, because you already know that this is the one that actually stings the least, but when you’re already tanned in itching, well, you don’t even feel the adrenaline anymore with that and that’s why you succumb to what it does have a higher degree of aciditywhich also provides you with new sensations.