This is how you can make a delicious chile de arbol sauce in oil for your tacos

Today is taco day and it doesn’t exist reason so as not to celebrate it by eating some tasty tacos in our homeout of it, while we plan the vacation or wherever. Yes, now that everything has returned to “normal” there is always a time when we want to taste these delicacies, but unfortunately nothing is the same as it was until recently. 3 yearswhen we could eat without fear of contagion in any laminero stand.

Right or wrong, whether we like it or not, one of the aspects what has changed this pandemic is the trust at lunchtime in the Street. It is no longer the same and for this reason, many of us prefer Cook at home to also polish our culinary skills that of course they can take us further than we think, because after all, the most important thing is to perpetuate some prescriptions so they don’t get lost over time.