This is how the new taco robot works, the sensation in social networks

Who has not been surprised by the ability of the shepherds on the Mexico City? Most likely all the first time we saw it operate, because that expertise with which they brandish the knife to chop the meat, which will later fall precisely on the tortillas that are underneath by then yes: Start preparing those taquitos ” with everything” or “without onion, sauce or any other ingredient” because one thing is certain: the customer, whatever he asks for.

Yes, we all have our taco player trusted, which in turn subcontracts to a shepherd in charge of doing magic to prepare all those taquitos of meat al pastorthat we like so much. Yes, currently there is almost, there is almost a position, if not in every corner of CDMX, at least in every area by mayor’s office. And it is that after a while, they even locate us and it feels nice to be told “The usual?”