This is how the ‘influencers’ cadets look

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Four Honduran ‘influencers’ are fulfilling their dream of being ”Police for a day”because from this Monday they began the challenge of the National Police where they will have to show their best abilities, skills and discipline.

YouTubers are listed fujiyama shinAdonay Bustillo, Gazu and the ‘teacher’ Wilfredo Méndez.

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All were transferred to the National Police Academy (Anapo) where they will carry out their training. How have they been in their first hours?

Through a recording shared on the official channels of the police institution, the young people are seen enjoying a catracho breakfast as the first task of the day.

The first-year cadets can be seen dressed in the National Police uniform, leaving behind their outfits and long hair. However, the cameras in charge of documenting their new adventure could not be missing from the table.

During the first meal of the day they were offered eggs, bananas, beans, cheese and tortillas, a delicacy that they could not avoid, because the ‘profe’ took the victory by leaving -before the others- his empty disposable plate.

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“The ‘Police for a day’ challenge is just beginning and many surprises are coming,” reads the official publication.

your first impressions

The Japanese Shin Fujiyama showed his excitement and adrenaline to know what challenges will be presented to him during the course of this Tuesday.

“We are very good. We have finally won the most important part of the day, breakfast here,” she expressed.

For his part, Adonay did not hesitate to share how delicious his breakfast tasted. “Here enjoying a delicious breakfast, the dish is very nourished and with quite a lot of tortillas”.

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The teacher, then, did not mention much. He had already finished the sacred food from him.

Finally, Gazú expressed: “From my part, great. I walk a hunger that not even God wants. I must say that I am trying to eat as it is eaten here, as the cadets eat, with their respective rules”.

Who are these cadets?

According to the National Police, Wilfredo Méndez is an outstanding teacher from Tela, Atlántida. He has a degree in Social Sciences, loves sports and protects the environment.

Allan Valeriano, better known as Gazú, is a Honduran youtuber and presenter from Tegucigalpa. The young man is passionate about video games.

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Another teacher joined the team. This is Adonay Bustillo, born in the capital city. He has a degree in Natural Sciences and is recognized for making videos on topics of general culture.

The last one is the Asian Shin Fujiyama. The youtuber has been residing and helping in the country for more than 10 years. He has set himself the goal of building 1,000 schools in Honduras. He already adds dozens of them, where free and bilingual education is offered to many children.