“This happens from dark brown”

Each time, the opinions of the services and the accounts of the bars and restaurants are shared more on the internet. And, nowadays, the act of looking at the opinions of previous clients who have visited the restaurant that we want to go to has been internalized as a reflex action, unless it was a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance. And, normally, those opinions are the ones that end up choosing the visit (or not) to the place.

That is why these types of opinion pages are increasingly popular and that the owners of the premises are increasingly aware of what comes out of them.

But not all opinions can be positive, and this is the case of a user who has complained on social networks about the account that was charged for a breakfast in Madrid. “Tortilla skewer at the La Primera bar. I don’t ask for bread, they put it and charge it, 2.30 euros. I tell the waitress that I haven’t ordered bread, and she tells me that bread is mandatory. This already seems to me what about dark brown, or not, @canadio1010? #elpanesobligatorio I’m going to tattoo it,” the user complained in a message that has gone viral.

A new ‘sablazo’ in the account of a cafeteria goes viral

The social networks of the Canary Islands have been divided by the image of a bill from a restaurant in San Sebastián de La Gomera. It shows how the account amounts to 30 euros at a breakfast last Sunday, August 29, at 11:35 am.

At the time of paying for breakfast, the diners were surprised to see that they added an extra to the bill for three fleas of loin and bacon, in which for adding a supplement, it came out 3 euros, 1 euro for each sandwich. Each pulquita came out at 4.40 euros.

This invoice has gone viral, being shared on different social networks and instant messaging applications, in which although many have been critical and have crossed out the final amount as high, other users have come out in defense of the island restaurant.

“Do you nail a €3 sandwich? If you want it cheaper, go to the supermarket and buy bread and cheese, and sit on a park bench”, “The truth is that it is normal to charge a little extra if you want to a little more cheese, but let’s say common sense should prevail in these cases and be courteous to the customer, and if not, then 0.50 cents at most, but it seems to me that this got out of hand”, are some of the responses that have come out in defense of the premises”.

But it is not the first time that the account of a cafeteria or a restaurant on the Islands has provoked a wave of comments on the networks. It already happened in Gran Canaria when a network user, José Santana, complained about the total price he paid for three cuts, a bottle of water -0.75 liters- and a beer -0.25 – in a place in the Gran Canaria municipality of Mogán a few years ago. In total, 15 euros and 40 cents.

Angry, he decided to post the receipt on his Facebook . It does not show a breakdown of the drinks: the cost of each cut was 2.50 euros and the bottle of water, five.

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Less time ago, just last summer, a similar thing happened in Tenerife. The protagonist, Ález Borges from Tenerife, who paid €9.15 for a beer -3.70 euros-, a bottle of water -3 euros- and a cut -2.75 euros-, in a beach bar in Playa del Duque, in Costa Adeje, in Tenerife on July 12.

Angry, he decided to post the receipt on his social networks. It does not show a breakdown of drinks.