This gastronomic terrace has one of the most spectacular views of Acapulco

This beautiful terrace has some of the most spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, perfect to enjoy a pleasant outing with friends, or to pamper yourself with a spectacular meal as a family.

Acapulco is among the best cities to visit if you are looking for a destination with paradisiacal beaches and vibrant entertainment, but without the need to travel such long distances from CDMX. It has beautiful accommodations facing the sea and gastronomic terraces where you can enjoy its most amazing panoramas, including Zibu. Here we tell you why you have to know it!

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Zibu is one of the favorite gastronomic terraces in Acapulcoeither to enjoy a pleasant afternoon or outing with friends, or to pamper yourself with a spectacular meal as a family. It has been sharing a wonderful culinary fusion for more than 15 years, as well as a space with a vibrant atmosphere and beautiful panoramic views of the city.

Photo: Zibu Acapulco

The establishment was founded by chef Edward Palazuelos with the purpose of creating a space of excellence and creative originality, incorporating an incredible Mex-Tai food menu. This offers an exquisite fusion encounter between Thai cuisine and Mexican haute cuisine, perceptible between the mixture of spicy, acid, sweet, salty and bitter flavors. It will be a feast for any palate.

Photo: Zibu Acapulco

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Regarding your establishment, Zibu offers one of the most spectacular venues in acapulcowith beautiful open spaces under the tropical vegetation of the area, as well as dreamy views of the Bay that give it a very romantic atmosphere. We recommend you visit it at sunset, so you will not only be delighted with its delicious gastronomic offer, but also with magical settings facing the Pacific Ocean.

Photo: Zibu Acapulco

We recommend you start your experience with their rolls fish – crispy wonton rolls stuffed with yellowfin tuna and tamarind sauce – or your rocket roll shrimp – shrimp roll with crispy beet kakiage and masago, served with ponzu sauce and ginger butter -. Anyone will be perfect to accompany any of the house drinks

Photo: Zibu Acapulco

Among the main dishes, its fusion fish stands out, a fish fillet wrapped in a banana leaf with a tree chili sauce, tomato, cilantro and mushrooms; the little rib It is also an excellent option, accompanied by mashed potatoes and three chili sauce. No matter what you ask for, it will perfectly complement the vibrant and natural space of the place.

Photo: Zibu Acapulco
Address: Escénica S/N, Fracc. Glomar, Acapulco.
Telephone: 744 449 6202