They steal boxes of milk from the school breakfast in Higüey

Unknown persons entered the educational center over the weekend Angel Merinofrom the Los Platanitos sector, municipality Higueywhere from they stole more than 50 boxes of milk of the school breakfast.

This was announced by the director of the center, Rosalia Hernandezwho said that the antisocials broke into the center on Saturday afternoon and broke down the doors of the place they use as a warehouse.

He indicated that they broke the padlock on the fence and took almost all the milk intended to be given to the children during the week.

He also stated that this school has a very large community, with 17 sections in each batch, where 713 students attend in the morning and 694 students in the afternoon, for a total of 1,407.

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He assured that they are experiencing many difficult times because the community does not take care of the school, they scratch it and enter the center at any time and break the shutters to enter, although they have two protectors.

He stated that, likewise, they break the productions carried out by the teachers who are close to the blinds, enter the courses, review all the teaching resources and take everything they can.

“They bring colored pencils and begin to write bad words to the teachers both on the seats and on the walls,” Hernández said.

He argued that they suspect that these actions are being committed by people from the community.

He explained that they have security at night, but that they only have to protect both hands.

In addition, he stated that they do not even have school police assigned to take care of the school during working hours.

classroom destruction

It should be noted that the classroom of teacher Yudulka Pérez was also affected by the vandals who entered the center.

This recorded an audiovisual where the damaged materials are observed in the pre-primary classroom, in which four and five-year-old children are taught.

According to the director and the teacher, this is not the first time that this has happened in the educational center.

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