They return to classes, but without breakfast in Cacaotepec

the school community

  • 180 boys and girls attend this school
  • 8 teachers; 17 people work in total
  • They received breakfasts with Full Time Schools

With joy in their eyes and backpacks on their backs, dozens of boys and girls from the “Juan Jacobo Rousseau” primary school at La Era ranch, San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, returned to classes in person; although, the circumstances will no longer be the same, by ceasing to have the Full-Time School Program.

For several years, the little ones had this benefit that provided breakfast to the school community and lunch, but also the extended hours that lasted until 2:30 p.m.

It is worrying that the government has disappeared, at least in this school it was applied according to the guidelines, and the food was given on the field because we did not have a dining room,” said the director, Faustina Julián Sánchez.

However, through management with the municipality, the dining room was placed where the school community would take their food, but now the program is no longer in force.

For three years the school community worked on this program and they were in this scheme when activities from the classrooms were suspended.

However, both the director and mothers highlighted the benefits in terms of food and extended hours in classes.

The schoolchildren go through the filters

It is a program that came to improve this institution, there were few children, but when we strengthened the Full-Time School program it grew,” they said wistfully.

Breakfast was served at 7:30 am and lunch at 10:30 am.

Now it will be a very strong change in the matter of food”, said the director of the primary school, while specifying that the scheme of this program allowed mothers to come to make tortillas, prepare healthy food for their children.

The tutors have approached to ask: what do we do, where do we go so that it arrives again? and that is, raising your voice,” she considered.

The director is concerned that the resource is now delivered through La Escuela es Nuestra, because in her case, she has managed that benefit but they have not given her an answer.

The director does not belong to Section 22 of the teaching profession, which could be the reason why she does not have the support of the federal authority.

Faced with this, they find the conflict that fathers and mothers are assuming the resource they require for the purchase of supplies and material to disinfect the facilities.

The president of the Committee of Fathers and Mothers of the Family, Gladys Murguía Ortiz, stated that it was a benefit and support for families with limited economic resources, however, when they disappear, they will seek a way to organize and seek a substitute before the educational authority. .

The school of the La Era ranch, San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, a model school for the dedication and work of the teachers

2 hour classes

With 2-hour classes that will be from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., this is how this school begins in this new modality with a staggered and voluntary scheme.

There are 180 boys and girls in this campus made up of 8 groups and which became one of the favorites for having extended hours in the past.

These days they will not be in recess because it is a start with the aim of becoming familiar with the use of face masks and maintaining care.

The director Faustina Julián Sánchez said that they had already planned to open last January, but with the context of the pandemic and the number of Covid-19 infections, they stopped this process; meanwhile, to open this Monday, it took them two weeks to make progress with those involved in the school.

During this week, the teaching staff will carry out the evaluation process with the aim of knowing how the children are learning, as well as giving them their physical education and English classes.

Returning is something great and motivating, having the laughter of the boys and girls, attending to them in schools and following our teaching from the acquired methodology”, the director stated.

Gustavo Alvarado García, IEEPO school supervisor in Valles Centrales, mentioned that on April 25, around 9 schools would already be in a safe process of returning to classes.

On campus, the teaching community attends to 8 groups of students

Filters to study

The “Juan Jacobo Rousseau” elementary school of the La Era ranch, San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, was subject to the health protocol for the return to face-to-face classes.

This scheme consists of the minor arriving at the campus from home without any symptoms of the disease, since the second filter installed at the entrance to the school detects if someone has a fever. It is at that point where they offer antibacterial gel, as well as disinfection.

Meanwhile, the third filter is carried out inside the classroom with the teaching staff, “if a case is found, the minor is immediately referred to the health clinic and a call is made to the guardians or those responsible,” he said.

The school recommended that fathers and mothers send their sons and daughters with an antibacterial gel, if possible, and permanently use the face mask.

The school community carries its water bottle and what they will use will be individually.