They prepare three gifts for children, including a park – Cochabamba

Children in Cochabamba will have at least three gifts on their day. The most important is the inauguration of the Parque de la Integración, an entertainment center in the south of the city that has the capacity to receive more than 10,000 visitors and is the first to include games for adults.

Two other gifts provided by the municipal authorities are free admission to all city parks, on April 12, and a breakfast with the cabinet.

Regarding the first gift, the park, the manager of the Municipal Company for Green Areas and Alternative Recreation (Emavra), Milton Copa, confirmed that it is located on four hectares of the Territorial Base Organization (OTB) Las Delicias, in District 9 .

The work is 95% complete and, as it has to be ready by April 12, there are 800 workers finalizing painting and gardening details in that sector.

This is the first infrastructure of the Llajta that will not be exclusively for children. Copa anticipated that they incorporated games for adolescents and adults, so that family fun is guaranteed. It is a zip line and a paintball court.

So that these spaces meet all the necessary conditions, at the time of executing them, the authorities coordinated with groups specialized in these sports.

The Integration Park also incorporates innovative games in the children’s sector. It has splashers; tunnels with water and music; three recreational areas with all the conventional games (swings, slides and seesaws, among others); and suspension bridges.

In addition, the authorities determined the use of a cushioning floor, so that the children do not get hurt.

This center has the capacity to receive more than 10 thousand visitors. The day of its inauguration the admission will be free.

MORE GIFTS Another confirmed gift for the children of Cochabamba is free admission to all city parks on April 12.

The Manager of Emavra remarked that other days in which Children’s Day is not celebrated also allow free admission to children’s entities that request it, for example orphanages.

The third planned gift is a breakfast with the Municipal Cabinet, raising of the flag and a “private conversation” in the office of Mayor Manfred Reyes Villa. All scheduled for April 11.

To be part of these events, those interested have to participate in a contest called “Children ask Bombón”. The bases are on the official Facebook page of the Autonomous Municipal Government of Cochabamba.

The list of the winning children will be announced on April 9, according to official information.