They open the first Mexican restaurant in Spain without tacos – El Financiero

Owner of 33 restaurants and ambassador of Mexican cuisine around the world, Yucatecan Pedro Evia chose Madrid for his first European project with Q78, “the first Mexican in Spain without tacos” that will smell of “smoke, earth and tradition”, he tells in an interview with EFE.

Before opening the restaurant, he thoroughly investigated the market for Mexican cuisine in Spain to “do something different”, and decided to focus it on his homeland, Yucatán, although “like Mexico there are 32 countries in one” -referring to their States- there will also be in the cartto proposals from the kitchens of Oaxaca, Jalisco, Puebla or Michoacán.

tequila and mezcal

Q78 refers to quiotethe tender stem of the maguey flower, the plant from which the tequila and mezcal, and to the date (1978) on which tequila is registered in Switzerland in the International Register of Denominations of Origin of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

And it is that both distillates will be protagonists of the restaurantthrough small producers with whom Evia wants to transport its “magic, symbolism and tradition” to Spain in tastings and cocktails by Mario Parra, who has been inspired by the Mayan deities to create combinations such as Ixchel (goddess of love) with mezcal, lemon and sugar spiced piloncillo.

Cocktails that can be enjoyed at the bar, where you can also eat, or at tables to which the Yucatecan chef promises to bring the best piggy pibil what to eat in Spain”, thanks to the smoker that one of his partners, Eduardo Rukos, devised to replicate the pre-Hispanic technique of ‘pib’ -cooked underground– for K’u’uk, the gastronomic restaurant that has made Evia famous in Mérida (Yucatán).

A universe of flavors

It seeks to surprise with recados, sauces typical of its State, “an infinite universe that can include up to 26 spices” and that are “very unknown in Europe” and with the absence of the popular tacos: “we are the first Mexican restaurant from Spain without tacosbecause the cuisine of my country is ten million more than a taco; I’m going to give you the tortilla and you eat it in a pinch or however you want“, He says.

Lentil stew, longaniza papadzules, cochinita cakes, Yucatecan poc chuc barbecue, tikin xic shrimp, Oaxacan tetelas, drowned cake from Jalisco, mixiotes from Puebla, Carnitas from Michoacan or ceviches from the Pacific are some of the dishes that Evia wants to make known in Q78, where there will also be proposals for vegetarians and vegansas well as Mexican beers and wines.

The dishes will be made with Spanish ingredients, except for the errands, in charge of “yucatecan teachers, says Evia, who is already planning to open another “two or three stores” in Madrid, a city that “give for more” in the field of Mexican cuisine “if you don’t try to do what already exists.” She before she plans to disembark in Berlin.

because you think that Mexican gastronomy is increasingly appreciated in the worldespecially since it was recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010.

Of his 47 years, he has been dedicated to gastronomy for 20 years and, in addition to his restaurants, undertakes projects with NASA such as Mars Citywith which he seeks to bring “terrestrial flavors through apple or raspberry gum” to the red planet.