They make Villista cavalcade

Juarez City.- As part of the commemoration of the 109th anniversary of General Francisco Villa’s breakfast at the Hacienda del Ojo de la Casa, the Institute for Culture of the Municipality of Juárez (Ipacult) held the Cabalgando por Samalayuca festival, with a musical and cultural event.

The event began at 10:00 a.m. yesterday with a parade in which more than 100 riders participated, who, to the sound of drum music, left the hermitage of San Lorenzo towards the aforementioned hacienda, where they had breakfast. , just like the one that Villa consumed on March 9, 1913.

The dish was prepared with beef, beans and red chili, accompanied with flour tortillas.

The municipal president, Cruz Pérez Cuéllar, attended the celebration as a special guest, for which he endorsed his interest in collaborating in the tourist and cultural development of the town of Samalayuca, in addition to reiterating his willingness to work together with the sectional president, Jaime Sotelo Bencomo.

The mayor of Juárez recalled that this event is held to keep history alive, so he invited the community to continue remembering their culture and roots.

On the other hand, the director of Ipacult, Miguel Ángel Mendoza, spoke about the meaning of the festival.

“In this idea of ​​decentralizing cultural events and taking them to other spaces that had never brought them anything, it is precisely this Festival called Riding through Samalayuca, where we join the commemoration of the 109th anniversary of the breakfast that Francisco Villa made here in Samalayuca”, said Miguel Ángel Mendoza, director of Ipacult.

Starting at 2:00 in the afternoon, the festival began with the participation of the Private Level; The Mariachi Canto a Mi Tierra, Liliana Zermeño, Compañía de Danza México, Fiesta y Tradición, as well as the Cadetes de Linares, who closed the show, also performed.

In addition, the children were able to take part in various children’s activities such as cooking pots and painting workshops, and a cinema screening with the film ‘The Legend of La Llorona’ on a giant screen.

“It is in commemoration of this event that year after year we have been carrying out this parade and lunch from Villista, to remember history and attract a little tourism to the community of Salamayuca,” said the sectional president of Samalayuca, Jaime Sotelo.

The director of Ipacult said that they hope that this event can start a festival that is celebrated year after year to be an economic support to the town of Samalayuca, and at the same time the new generations know the history of Pancho Villa and his struggle in this territory.

“Ciudad Juárez has a great history in the different moments of national history and the Revolution is a very important issue, where Juárez was an important factor in decision-making in the life of Francisco Villa, and the characters of Madero and Pancho Villa are very mystical characters, that, above all, here in the north we know a lot and that we admire them”, expressed Mendoza.