They donate books to students of the Río Pardo rural school in Quilleco

Within the framework of the Day of Rural Education, the workers of an electric company organized a breakfast for the teachers and students of the Río Pardo School, an opportunity in which the contribution that consisted of books donated by the workers in the framework of a internal campaign to collect this material.

One of the organizers of this initiative was José Méndez, who works in the Quilleco office, “this idea came about spontaneously, we wanted to do something different, contribute as workers for this special day, since we are also part of the rural world . We spread this campaign among our colleagues and today we end with this delivery, which we know will be very useful for the school and the children, with whom we also had the opportunity to share breakfast. We represent many colleagues who collaborated and whom we also thank for their support in this campaign”.

The mayor of Quilleco, Rodrigo Tapia, was present at the activity, who valued the initiative, “I want to thank the Frontel workers for this gesture, for us it is a pleasure that they come to our commune, which is very rural and precisely today, on the day of rural education. As mayor, a big hug to the workers who put their hands on their hearts and have made a huge, beautiful gesture to our students who need the support so much, congratulations”.

José Muñoz, a professor at the Río Pardo school, joined in the acknowledgments, stating “excellent, I sincerely congratulate the company because I believe that all companies must not only play their role in the development of the country but also the work that they must comply with, and this is a way of demonstrating it, my congratulations”.

The parents and teachers of the school were also present at the activity, and school supplies were given to each student and a music speaker that will be very useful for the Río Pardo school.

Every April 7, the Day of Rural Education is commemorated, in honor of the birth of Gabriela Mistral, poet and outstanding rural teacher.

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