They denounce a reduction in breakfast and snacks in municipal schools «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The Frente de Todos bloc in the Deliberative Council denounced that in the last two years breakfast and snack received by students in municipal establishments were reduced.

The president of the Education Commission, Mariana Cuesta, pointed out that last year the local Executive “it did not execute 51% of the funds destined for the food of the students of the municipal gardens”.

The councilor described as “unusual” the “justification of the Secretary of Education, Sebastián Puglisi”. “He argued that the isolation measures reduced consumption in schools, therefore in 2021 there was a balance in tenders held in 2020, so they did not have to carry out new tenders for fruit and bread,” mentioned the opposition bloc.

“In two years of dire need, The best strategy that the Montenegrin government came up with is to ‘save’ the kids’ food. Is this the government that is close to the neighbors? asked Cuesta, who highlighted that the government of Axel Kicillof, in the same context, “increased the investment of the School Food Service by 327% and added a snack to the food module.”

According to the mayor, “The most important cut occurred in kindergartens, where 51% of the allocated budget was not executed, but the political decision was repeated at all levels”. “In primary school, 65% of the budget allocated to food was executed, while in secondary school the allocated budget, first, was reduced by almost half, while 44% of that total was left unused.”

Cuesta indicated that “the explanation of the Montenegrin government is that only in August 2021, with the return of full attendance to educational establishments, did they once again deliver fresh food to schools.” And she pointed out: “They had different alternatives so that the boys from Mar del Plata, in a time of emergency, could continue having breakfast and a snack. They could have distributed food to families, as the provincial government did. They could also have improved the quality of the food they deliver to the children. They chose to keep the silver. That is the way that Montenegro has to be close to the neighbors”.