They delivered school breakfast from the first day of school in Santa Cruz –

LESSONS. Truffis, full buses and private vehicles with children going to school was the panorama that was evident yesterday at the start of face-to-face classes. More than 80 thousand students returned to the classrooms with school breakfast from the first day.


Unlike years ago, the emotion of the children was noted when they returned to the classroom after two years without seeing their classmates. With jumps, faces of joy, emotion, in addition to a school breakfast that consisted of a little toy and a bag of cookies, the more than 800,000 students of the Santa Cruz capital returned to their classrooms.

The mayor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Jhonny Fernández, opened the day for the return of children to the classrooms, visited the Josefina Bálsamo Mariscal Sucre school, in the mining neighborhood of La Campana, where he interacted with students and delivered school breakfast to them.

“After two years, the youth and children of our city return to their school classrooms. For this reason, I decided to accompany them and witness the emotion that each of them felt when they hugged their classmates and teachers again. A similar enthusiasm was that of the parents who accompanied them, the reunion with the neighbors at the door of the educational units and being in coordination to assist their children”, expressed the authority.

Fernandez also toured the educational modules Mirette Sciaroni, Simón Bolívar and Claudina Thévenet, places where he verified the distribution of complementary food, compliance with biosecurity measures and the operation of the vaccination brigades in each of them.

Likewise, he greeted the parents and delivered solidarity bags for their homes. “I was able to accompany and see happy children, enthusiastic teachers and principals, and excited parents at the doors of the schools. We continue to work efficiently to build a better city,” she pointed out.