They charge him more than a thousand pesos for some tacos and it goes viral

The tacos are the saucer typical Mexican par excellence. Its multiple presentations can be found throughout the country, in street stalls or in high-end restaurants. Of course, their cost depends on the ingredients and where they are purchased. But, can you imagine going to taste some tacos to a festival and when asking for your account it exceeds the A thousand pesos? Well, this happened to a diner at the Irapuato Fair.

A user in Facebook, known as Henry Berger, shared that on March 21 he attended the Strawberry Fair in Irapuatoan event full of concerts, activities, mechanical games and, of course, food.

The diner ate at the taqueria the northerner but, beyond praising the taste or the service, he warned in social media: “don’t forget to ask costs before buying because then they take out even the eyes”.

His publication was accompanied by a photo of the ticket, in which it can be seen that only the price of a quesadilla exceeded 160 pesos and the tacos more than 100 pesos, without forgetting the 100 pesos tip to the waiter. In the end he ended up paying thousand 135 pesos total.

It didn’t take long for the post to turn viral and in most the interactions the users showed their annoyance before the fact. Some comments were: “They applied it to me the same way there and more because they don’t have people”; “The same thing happened to me in another food establishment at the fair”; “I did ask and it was better for me to stop and leave there”; “And yes, a quesadilla is so expensive and then they are not good hahahaha and they don’t even give you a letter and you ask prices and they don’t tell you until the end that the story arrives.”

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Will action be taken in this regard?

Because the aforementioned situation became relevant in the social media and more similar complaints were discovered, Profeco intervened, warning merchants to keep their prices In view of all. Even the attorney’s review culminated in the closure of 2 businesses.

Likewise, to avoid another incident such as that of the user Henry Berger, a citizen attention module was launched in the gastronomic pavilion from Strawberry Fairwhere diners can report any irregularity.

They charge more than a thousand pesos in a fonda

It should be remembered that this is not the first time something like this has happened in Mexico. Two years ago a user named Rubí Rico denounced in social media than an inn in the San Juan de Dios market in guadalajara He charged him more than a thousand pesos. Although she shared that the menu had other prices, when asking for the bill this changed completely.

As he commented, they charged him a pozole at 200 pesos, 3 flutes at 180 pesos, 2 waters at 120, a meat in its juice at 200, a soft drink at 60 and 2 sushi rolls at 320 pesos. Paying a total of one thousand 80 pesos.

After his complaint, several users spoke out about it and according to some local media this business was closed. So if you find yourself in a similar situation, do not hesitate to file a complaint.

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