«They are an example of struggle» | El Vigia Agency

On Thursday morning, the mayor of Quilmes visited the neighbors Velia Poncela, 99, and Juana Patlis, 86, two of the first women to have exercised the right to vote for women in the country.

“Today I had breakfast with Velia and Juana, two neighbors from our city who wrote to me to meet me and with whom we shared a beautiful chat. Velia is one of the first women to vote and that is why she received a distinction from our Municipality within the framework of the International Day of Working Women”, said the Communal Chief.

After talking with them and learning about their biographies, Mayra highlighted their experiences and expressed: “Thank you for the love, the words and the accompaniment. They are an example of struggle for each one of us”.

Then, the Mayor gave them a distinction with Evita’s phrase: “The time has come for women who share the political cause and the time for women as an inert and numerical value within society has died.”

Both Velia and Juana participated last Tuesday in the meeting “The woman of my life”, organized by the Municipality, through the General Directorate for the Elderly, to commemorate the International Day of Working Women. On the occasion, Velia recorded a special message for Mayra, where she expressed her full support and the desire to meet her personally.

“I am so excited to meet this woman who is an excellent lady, very dear, who has done a lot for Quilmes, I have seen and compared with other mayors what she is, a great woman,” said Velia Poncela.

While Juana Patlis also indicated: “It is a joy for me to have been with her because she is a phenomenon, we have talked about my childhood and a little about politics.”

The meeting was held at Velia’s house, located in West Quilmes, and was also attended by the Secretary for Children and Community Social Development, Florencia Di Tullio; the undersecretary of Social Development, Judith Barchetta; and the director of Senior Citizens, María Cristina Chardon.