These are the foods that most increased their price last year, one of them up to 123%!

It’s not a secret that inflation is getting worsebecause although there is a regular increase each year, for this 2022 it has accelerated due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, according to federal authorities. In this scenario, the Mexican government implemented a Package against Inflation in which various actions will be carried out to stabilize the prices of the basic basket in the next six months.

These actions include aid to the food industry and focus mainly on grains such as corn, rice and beans, but the mexican pantry it stocks up with many more products and every time we go to the market we notice how a few 100-peso bills don’t go far. So much so, that we constantly see how they go to the raise food prices such as avocado, lemon or tortillas, to name a few products.