These are the common mistakes to avoid when making a salad

What if we told you that the consumption of the former salads dates back to the 1st century AD? Well yes, the ancient Greeks and Romans loved eating raw vegetables with the addition of vinegar, oil and herbs: not a Caesar Salad but the time is correct, isn’t it? Joking aside, it was Hippocrates who decreed the purifying powers of a salad plate before a meal; and, although his detractors preferred to eat it after the banquet (as the strong taste of the vinegar could modify the sweet taste of the wine), we all agree that yes, the salad is excellent both before and after the meals! Salads as we conceive them in our times saw their golden age in the Renaissance: you would be surprised to see how much our ancestors loved colorful salads! In our times, preparing a salad seems to be the simplest thing in the world: be careful though to the thousand pitfalls behind our favorite salads! Let’s see together the common mistakes to avoid when we are grappling with the dish and side dish (how much versatility) most requested of the summer: the salad!

Mistakes to avoid in the preparation of the salad

Is one salad worth the other? Is it really necessary to rinse it? How to keep it? This and other key issues hide the most trivial and disastrous mistakes when you are in front of a nice plate of salad.

  1. Underestimate the importance of the type of salad: lettuce, lollo, mixed salad, rocket … salads are not all the same! Whether we like a tender or crunchy, smooth or rippled leaf more, we must also take into account the other elements that will make up our salad – and, needless to say, seasonality is a fundamental aspect!
  2. Do not wash the salad thoroughly: Sure, pre-shrunk salad bags are extremely practical, but beware! The risk of a chlorine wash is very high. Better then rinse it thoroughly, to make sure that all residues of earth, insects or chlorine are eliminated
  3. Do not dry the salad: after having thoroughly washed it, the salad should be duly dried. This drying process prevents the preventive deterioration of the product – the blackening of the leaves, in short. And if the salad spinner is not at your immediate disposal, no problem: just place the salad block on a clean kitchen cloth and dab the precious leaves.
  4. Never dress your salad too soon: dressing the salad well in advance risks “cooking” the leaves and, therefore, saying goodbye to their crunchiness. Better to season it at the moment, just before serving it on the table! By the same principle, never season it and then put it back in the fridge: it is always better to opt to keep it cool in an airtight container after having only washed and dried it.
  5. Cut the leaves with the knife: breaking the leaves by hand, without a knife, prevents oxidation. Never ever use the knife to prepare the salad!
  6. It does not bring back to the fridge: salads can generally be stored for up to 5 days – it all depends on the storage temperature! Better therefore to opt for the fridge – the cool temperatures will allow it to extend its life
    1. mistakes not to be made to prepare the salad

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