There is no date to resume the election of the Ombudsman, the MAS says that it does not have an exclusive candidate | ANF

The Ombudsman election is in the fourth quarter after two rounds of voting that took place last Thursday.

La Paz, May 9 (ANF). -The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani, of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), affirmed this Monday that there is no precise date to reinstate the Ombudsman election session and assured that his party does not have a candidate. exclusive; he added that they appeal to the conscience of the opposition to agree on two-thirds of the votes.

“The opposition indicated that we do not agree, that there is an exclusive candidate. Until the last day we entered the Assembly, the MAS did not have and does not have any candidate, we must clarify that to the Bolivian people, ”said the legislator at a breakfast that he shared with journalists from El Alto.

Mamani specified that several of his colleagues were inclined under the logic of voting in favor of the one with the best score. According to the list, Pedro Callisaya entered the last phase with the best score; even the MAS deputy, Héctor Arce, affirmed last Friday that he is in favor of electing the best-placed candidate.

“We have to go to the conscience, at this moment, us. Many have been inclined to say that whoever came first is because he has the necessary capabilities, so how can we not continue to support him, ”he added.

The President of the Deputies emphasized that his party is “based” on selecting one of the seven candidates who met the requirements for the final phase. He affirmed that the MAS has no intention of keeping Nadia Cruz in the Ombudsman’s office.

Mamani announced that his bench will attend a meeting convened by the president of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, David Choquehuanca, to the three political forces, for the election of Ombudsman.

The head of the Citizen Community caucus, Carlos Alarcón, affirmed last week that this political organization voted in favor of Evelin Cossío. The candidate herself affirmed that this opposition bloc expressed support for her after the MAS deputy, Gladys Quispe, called her a “coup leader.”