The Vice President of Castilla y León accuses the Tax Agency of persecuting companies in the region

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The Vice President of the Board, Juan García-Gallardo, has denounced today that in Castilla y León there has been a fiscal looting businesses and has advocated lowering taxes to attract them to the region. “The Tax Agency is persecuting companies from Castilla y León. This worries us because businessmen go to Portugal, the Basque Country or Madrid, to be just another number”, he pointed out. In addition, it has been in favor of exploiting the gas and oil deposits in the region. “All deposits must be exploited and none of them should be given up as long as they are profitable,” he said. García-Gallardo has made these statements at an informative breakfast organized by the New Economy Forum in Madrid.

Also, it has been shown contrary to the legislation on historical memory. “It is a sectarian law that treats the victims of one side differently from the other, we want both victims to be exhumed equally,” she said. In addition, he has advocated using European funds to “strengthen the automobile industry and the agri-food industry.” “We must be closer to the companies and not let the government tell them what to do,” she said.

On the other hand, the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan Garcia-Gallardo, assured this Monday that “women are not discriminated against in their jobs for being women, they are discriminated against for being mothers.” “Women cannot be treated as disabled, they are equal to or as good as men”, she has affirmed, in a García-Gallardo has denied that Vox is a sexist party. “Vox is the party that has equality in its DNA, the equality of all Spaniards before the law,” he said.

The leader of Vox in Castile and Leon has assured to reject the quotas and the “zippers”. “It is an insult to women to try to tell them that they need a little push, a little help”, she has assured, and has indicated that “the real inequality is the maternal gap”. “Today the cultural avant-garde to follow it, we have to look to the East. We see that in Hungary, giving the right incentives, the levels of female employment have risen up to thirteen points. What has to be done in Spain is to give sincere and real help women so they can be mothers”, she said. In addition, she has highlighted that “andn Spain there are ten times more aid to abort than to be mothers”.

Vox’s priorities in the new Government

García-Gallardo has justified the “slowness” in the process of setting up the Executive and has indicated that they have chosen “the best” to conform it. “It is being a necessarily slow process. There are people for whom the task of governing is very easy, however at Vox we have taken this process very seriously and for each position we have chosen some of the best public administration officials and we have signed up people from private companies who are going to be a great complement”, he stated.

The vice president has highlighted the importance that Vox give to the family and has ensured that “there is no strong nation without strong families”. “A society of isolated individuals is a weak society and we speak for a strong society,” she pointed out. And she has assured that “while the left puts skirts at the traffic lights in Vox we give aid to the birth rate”. “Today a model of personal success has been extolled that is not based on living with a family and belonging to a community. Motherhood and fatherhood are worth it,” she insisted.