The top of Mercadona is this product for breakfast for less than 1.50 euros

Choose to have a good breakfastguarantees you to be able to start the day with the best energy and among the many options that we can find in the supermarkets there is one that is always recommended. Let’s find out below, the top of the Mercadona is this product for breakfast for less than 1.50 euros.

Mercadona’s “top” breakfast

If you are looking between best breakfast ideas and more when you are in a hurry, nothing like choosing something as typical as good biscuits and among the many options on the market, Mercadona It has those that we are sure you will not be able to resist.

It’s about the Digestive fiber biscuits 23% from Hacendado that we can consider an even healthier version of their Digestive biscuits that have been a hit in sales for a long time. In this case, the Digestive of Hacendado, become a cookie that has much more fiber up to 23%.

Made with wheat flourThese cookies also have wheat bran and oat fiber. that although you may have seen that they are generally used separately to make cookies, and other foods, with fiber, on this occasion are used together in order to obtain their properties and benefit from them in these delicious cookies.

You should know that Wheat bran is often used for its great contribution of fiberwhich mainly serves to improve digestive processes, and also serves to lose kilos, while oat fiber is perfect for regulating sugar and cholesterol, but it is also effective in maintaining weight.

In this way, you can make your breakfasts much more balanced. With a couple or three of these cookies, some fruit, a coffee and a juice, you will have had the perfect breakfast so you feel like starting the day with all the energy.

Also elaborated with sunflower oilThey are perfect cookies for breakfast for the whole family or also, to carry them in the bag and in this way, have a healthy “snack” to have between meals if we also fancy something sweet. They are also ideal for you to offer them to children as a delicious snack.

Perhaps the cookies that are currently sold the most in Mercadona given that they are sold in a package of nothing more and nothing less than 400 grams and at a price of 1.40 euros.