The tlayudas, chingao – Riodoce

There is no doubt that we are a country that is easily hooked by the media with any distractor not to talk about what really is in the background.

Could it be that we have behind us the sentimental culture that the Virgin of Guadalupe left us or Pepe the Bull?

It happened, the umpteenth time, at the inauguration of the new Felipe Ángeles airport in Mexico City, where a woman appeared selling her tlayudas —although there are those who say they are golden from Toluca— and this was recorded by the press as an anecdote that quickly escalated. and it became a lucky trending topic, so that the airport, although it did not become overshadowed, did share mentions on TV, the sets, social networks…

The president and others came out in defense of the tlayudas that took them to a hitherto unknown status in Mexican haute cuisine, and others simply used it to exhibit the rush that led to the inauguration set by the federal executive and showed the lack of food establishments, including water in bathrooms.

There are those who even used the topic to make us a true philosophical doctoral dissertation on tlayudas, racism and whiteness, as happened with colleague Fabrizio Mejía on the digital pages of and caused suffocation in more than one.

Perhaps, like never before, the irrelevant takes on political meaning and becomes one more arena in the battles that the workers are fighting against the non-workers, as if the defense of the homeland were at stake in each of them.
It is not valid that in politics you have to choose the battles —even the media battles— not to fight a duel in little hells because when that happens, I ask, what is left for the good battles that do force us to put all our neurons on the grill? The arguments?

The fact that this is happening is largely explained by the degree of tension in which we find ourselves, whether it is because of what is stirred up from the presidential pulpit, from the big media, or by the opinion-makers who are in the electronic media or in the written.

And when it comes to that level of public discussion, we are certain that we win and lose personal battles, but the contribution we make to public life is scant.

The task of the president, as Alejandro Páez said, in one of his widely read columns, is not whether Carmen Aristegui or Loret de Mola are from the right, whether or not they work for those who own the companies in which they work as journalists, but it is to see and act on poverty, unemployment, insecurity, that is, the great national issues.

But today the focus is not there, but in the atmosphere of real or fictitious quarrels, in the moods of the day or the sleepless nights, which are then reflected in the morning shift or in the banquet declarations, and from there the thread of the media and opinion-makers from both sides.

That is why the topic of the tlayudas produces some sarcastic, burlesque smiles, due to the poor level of public debate.
The way in which we end up in hell thinking, some, who have discovered the lukewarm water of our anthropological pulsations, venal against the other and do not realize that it is plain and simple gasoline -expensive as it is- that is wasted by throwing it into the public fire.

And if today it is the Oaxacan tlayudas, tomorrow it could be the Tlaxcalan tlacoyos, the rich tortas from the capital or the brain or eye tacos from Guadalajara, to reflect on them from Plato to Aristotle or the new French philosophers.

It would be necessary to turn this intellectual madness around and not want to find the chichis for the snakes, the underlying issues are those that we are all suffering directly or indirectly because poverty, although it severely hits the majority segment of the population, reaches the rest of us through multiple ways; Likewise, insecurity does not belong to this or that social sector, it belongs to all of us who live anywhere in the country; and thus we could enumerate each one of the great national problems.

Then, perhaps changing the chip and story, we will leave the coordinates of the rich Mexican sandwiches to focus on the substantive, even if Plato gets angry and the new philosophers get upset. Or better, the followers of the holy virgin of Guadalupe and the good guy Pepe the Bull.

Article published on March 27, 2022 in the 1000 edition of the weekly Ríodoce.