The terrace of the Mexican restaurant Tepic offers its freshest menu

The terraces are for the summer and the one in Tepic is, without a doubt, the best recommendation for those gourmets who seek to enjoy the good temperatures —and the cool night, hopefully— and the best Mexican flavor.

Tepic once again welcomes summer with a renovated terrace, with new chairs and more vegetation, and showing off its fresh waters, very popular drinks in Mexico and that in this restaurant they make as in the Latin American country: with 100% natural ingredients, No concentrates or syrups. The fresh waters, without alcohol, are the perfect choice to refresh without moderation. In Tepic they are made in the restaurant, following the Mexican tradition: with natural fruits, without syrups or industrial pulps. There are four kinds: the most famous is Agua de Jamaica, a famous Mexican drink that is made by infusing hibiscus flowers and sweetened to suit the consumer. Tamarind water, also very popular in the Latin American country, is prepared by hydrating and crushing this exotic fruit, with an acid point, and all the seeds are removed. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the rice water, which in addition to incorporating this cereal, contains normal, evaporated and condensed milk and cinnamon. Finally, there is the mango, which is served with tagine, a mixture of spices with a spicy touch that offers a rich contrast with the sweetness of this fruit. On these dates, lemonades are also very typical, also made by hand, which can be enjoyed plain or with a touch of sparkling water. If you prefer something with more punch, the Tepic cocktail bar is top notch, with signature and Mexican drinks executed to perfection.


In addition, Javier Quiñones —head of the room, mixologist and soul of the place— and his kitchen team will begin, starting in September, to introduce about five new dishes each month—two starters, two seconds and a dessert—. To warm up engines, during this summer they will have some off-the-menu suggestions available, such as the red ceviche (fish, tiger milk, seedless cucumber, red onion, avocado and habanero) and a dessert of cream and strawberries (chocolate cream, vanilla ice cream, pansies and hibiscus flower sigh). These new dishes will be presented on social networks, so it is convenient to visit the restaurant’s Instagram (@tepicmadrid). Of course, in the usual menu there are ideal proposals for the summer, such as the shrimp cocktail, the aguachile or the wire.


With the rise of the mercury, the people of Madrid and the many visitors who choose the city as a destination for their vacations embrace the terraceo that is so closely linked to the city. The one in Tepic is a perfect terrace for fans of gastronomy at street level: it has a capacity of 25 people and new furniture and plant decoration that make it a very pleasant space. It is open from Monday to Sunday, for lunch and dinner, and on Friday and Saturday, throughout the day, so it is a basic for those who want to have an aperitif, indulge in the afternoon or start the night with the best atmosphere.

In Tepic they are always thinking of new dishes and ideas to honor Mexican cuisine and surprise diners. Looking ahead to the new academic year, in September, they plan to introduce five dishes each month —two starters, two seconds and a dessert—; To whet your appetite, during July and August they will offer some dishes off the menu, such as red ceviche or a cream dessert with strawberries.