The taste of Mexico comes to Elda through the Mixsi Mexican Taqueria

Taqueria Mexicana Mixsi was born as a result of the fact that about ten years ago, Nadia Rizzo, its owner, moved from Mexico to Spain to reside and establish her family.

She has extensive experience in the family restaurant located in Veracruz, in the Mexican state of Veracruz. She has teamed up with her husband, Francisco, a true foodie, for original culinary techniques and special ingredients.

Once a month live mariachis perform.

At that time and faced with the difficulties of finding real restaurants that cooked with the “seasoning of Mexico”, they saw no other option than to cook that delicious Mexican food themselves. Since then, Nadia (Mexican) and Francisco (Spanish) bring authentic Mexican food to your table.

After 30 years of professional practice by Francisco, the time had come to fulfill a dream of making Mexican food, declared a cultural and intangible heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010, known to all those people who would like to know it and taste it. Thus, he started a project that was cut short by the pandemic but soon opened the Mixsi Mexican Taqueria, which is much more than a taqueria.

Mixsi offers its customers careful elaborations in detail.

Mexican food, like paellas or any other internationally recognized food, can be made well or badly, but only authentic and genuine food made with the “seasoning of Mexico” can be called Mexican. It is true that one of the “Ten Commandments of the taco” is that the taco “fits everything”, that is true, but not just anything, but only what is prepared according to the culinary traditions of Mexico, many of them ancestral, with deep Mayan roots. In the same way, that the Valencian or Alicante paella is unique and genuine, although with nuances according to traditions, not any corn tortilla that has an ingredient on top can and should not be called a “taco”.

What Taquería Mexicana Mixsi offers its customers are preparations that are carefully crafted in detail, the vast majority of them cooked after long marinating and marinating processes, with most of the ingredients imported from Mexico in order to convey to its customers the authentic flavor, with seasoning of Mexico. But Taquería Mexicana Mixsi does not only offer what in Mexico they call snacks and appetizers, in which category “tacos” fall, but equally elaborate dishes but with more complex flavors, such as enmoladas with red or black mole, typical of the State of Oxaca and Puebla, and for whose preparation they use, depending on the case, 36 or more ingredients.

It offers its clients are elaborations taken care of in detail.

In addition, its intention is to progressively incorporate dishes that are less known by its customers and potential customers, but equally tasty and rich. Regarding the tacos, some traditional from one of the states of Mexico, and others traditional in all the states of Mexico, so far those of “Pastor” or “Carnitas” have stood out, those of “Camarón Mixsi” but also, others such as the “Golden Tacos” also known as “flautas”, roasted cochinita pibil, typical of Yucatan cuisine, quesadillas, burritos, chimichangas and many other dishes, which we hope have been to the delight of our guests over the months .

This business has been very well received.

This company is planting its own chili peppers that will be harvested in a few months, and they have drinks, many 100% Mexican, typical Mexican cocktails and music, in fact live mariachis perform at least once a month, so that those customers who have had the pleasure of knowing Mexico feel that experience again and those who have not had the pleasure of knowing it, feel the desire to do so.

It is found at Pablo Iglesias, 47-49, in Elda. His telephone number is 697 752 582.

It is found at Pablo Iglesias, 47-49, in Elda.