The six best foods for breakfast and lose belly according to science

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Eating a good breakfast is important. This is a statement that few doubt. Approaching the first meal from a healthy perspective is one of the best ways to help our body to stay in a good stateas indicated by the Spanish Nutrition Foundation.

“Breakfast is the first meal of the day, and is considered one of the most important meals (it gives us the energy and nutrients that the body needs to start after the long hours of fasting) that helps us balance the diet”, they explain from the entity. But it is also noted that, despite this, “today it is also one of the most omitted meals and incorrectly performed.

Beyond this, there has been an intense debate about whether breakfast can help you lose weight. As in everything, the answer depends on many factors. For example, this study claims that anticipated calorie load could help control blood sugar and promote the weightloss.

The explanation, as he points out, is found in circadian rhythms, which influence biological processes and metabolism, in such a way that they help us to better metabolize meals earlier in the day. But beyond that, the truth is that, according to science, there are foods that can help us lose weight if we include them at breakfast.


Grapefruit is a regular in many weight loss diets. And without a doubt, there are innumerable reasons for this to be the case. This popular citrus is rich in vitamins and nutrients, excellent source of fiber and folic acid, not forgetting antioxidants that increase immunity.

With these qualities, especially for that fiber, its consumption helps to maintain that feeling of satietywhile providing many nutrients necessary for the body. In fact, this study collected in Medical Food Magazine showed that eating half a grapefruit before meals resulted in significant weight loss.


The egg has starred in some scientific debates in recent times. As we explain in this article in EL ESPAÑOL, about him there have been generated many mythslike that it makes you fat because of its high fat content or that it is guilty of causing cholesterol.

However, what we know today is that it is a food rich in protein, important vitamins and mineralsamong which we can find the selenium and riboflavin. The advantage of including them at breakfast is that precisely because of their high protein content, they help reduce appetite, so we will feel less need to snack throughout the morning.

This effect seems to be supported by some studies, such as this one published in the Journal of the American College of Nutritionin which 30 overweight women significantly increased satiety and reduced food intake later in the day.

wheat germ

Wheat germ is the part of the grain responsible for the development and growth of the shoot of the new plant. Although it is removed from most processed products, it is an important nutritional component of whole wheat. is rich in vitamins and mineralsWhat magnesium, thiamin and selenium.

You can contribute up to about 15 grams of fiber per 100 grams. There are many studies, such as this one published in the American journal of clinical nutritionthat point out that the consumption of cereals rich in fiber can help in the difficult task of losing weight.


One of the most appreciated fruits, both for its flavor and its properties. And in fact, it is considered a very good option to include it in breakfast, since its sweet flavor makes it a fantastic substitute of other less healthy foods.

Among its advantages, stand out its high fiber contentwhich helps to control intestinal transitto improve our digestive system and keep a feeling satiety. In addition, it does not contain excessive calories and is rich in starch that, according to a study published in the British Journal of NutritionIt can help reduce food intake and decrease abdominal fat.

Alone and without sugar, the healthiest way to enjoy a good cup of coffee.



The omnipresent in most breakfasts in our country. There are even those who say every morning that if he doesn’t drink his coffee, he’s not a person. Be that as it may, there is evidence that having breakfast with a good coffee can be a great help for weight loss. The cause: its high content in caffeine that stimulates metabolism and fat burning.

Again, science seems to support this property with evidence with different studies, such as this one that showed that its consumption improves breakdown of fats or this one that relates increased coffee intake to weight control long-term.


On the properties of yogurt, specifically greek yogurt and other similar ones, we have already discussed in EL ESPAÑOL. The advantage of these types of yogurts is that they are a rich source of proteinwhich, as we have pointed out, increases their satiating power, while containing few sugars.

It seems to be shown that eating a high-protein yogurt for breakfast significantly reduces hunger levels compared to unhealthy snacks such as chocolate and crackers. A similar idea is extracted from this other study, in which it was concluded that who incorporated yogurt into their daily diet had a lower risk of being overweight or obese.