The SAT facilitates the annual declaration to natural persons thanks to these tools

The Service tax administration (SAT) implemented some tools for natural persons to prepare and submit their Annual Statement 2021which takes place from April 1 to 30.

Through a press release, the supervisory body indicated that it seeks to facilitate compliance with its tax obligations.

He explained that among the implemented tools is SAT ID, which allows you to generate or renew the password and renew the electronic signature (e.firma) in case it has an expiration date of less than one year, without leaving home or from any device with access. to the internet, through

He stressed that the use of the password is important to make the Annual Declaration, since it allows to authenticate the identity of the taxpayer and enter the system, it is also necessary to obtain the refund in case of having a balance in favor.

On the other hand, individuals who receive salary income can check their receipts through the Payroll Viewer for the worker.

It also indicated that the persons required to file their annual declaration are those who belong to the following regimes:

  • Professional services (fees).
  • Business activities.
  • Technological platforms.
  • Lease.
  • Interests.
  • Dividends.
  • Alienation of assets.
  • Acquisition of goods.

Also people who received salary income from two or more employers or if, in addition to salaries, they obtained income from another activity; and those that, in addition to earning income from salaries, earn income from nominal interest in excess of 20,000 pesos.

“It is important to specify that personal deductions are already pre-filled in the declaration and correspond to the expenses made last year by taxpayers, as long as they have requested an invoice and paid by card or electronic transactions”, highlighted the SAT.

Some expenses that can be deducted are: medical, dental, psychologist and nutritionist fees, medical expense insurance, as well as hospital expenses, donations, real interest paid on mortgage loans for a house and school fees, among others.

“Individuals who obtain salary income from an employer who are not required to file the Annual Declaration; however, if they have personal deductions that may result in a credit balance, they can submit it no later than July 31 to obtain their refund automatically”highlighted.