The Santafereña chagua, the favorite breakfast of Colombians

More than 56 million eggs, 8 million pounds of flour, 7 million pounds of sugar, and 68 million orders delivered are part of Yanuba’s historical figures in its 75-year history.

To celebrate its anniversary, the classic chain of restaurants and pastry shops of Colombian origin reveals which are the 5 breakfasts, lunches, desserts and pastries preferred by Colombians.

A survey for which the chain with the record of bringing together 4 generations at the same table interviewed entire families.

Yanuba is the only place in the city where at the same table you can see from Santafereña changua to parfait in the morning, from wheat cuchuco to vegetarian bowl at noon and from tongue in sauce to prawns at night. In total there are more than 140 dishes, 80 desserts and 50 drinks.

5 breakfasts preferred by Colombians

· Changua santafereña (preferred by more conservative clients)

· French toast (for those who want to change the traditional flavors)

· Egg white omelet (perfect for the most athletic)

· Pancakes (true representation of the youngest members of the family)

· Parfait (combination of granola, Greek yogurt, fruits and blackberry sauce)

5 lunches most loved by Colombians and foreigners

· Ajiaco Santafereño.

· Flank tip, fine cut grilled Angus

· spaghetti danish

· salmon marinara

· chicken bowl

5 doughs or breads plus orders

· corn cob wrap

· warm us up

· almond croissant

· Chocolo arepa

· Quail egg arepas

Top 10 of the desserts preferred by Colombians

With the experience of more than 7 decades, they established which are the favorite pastry products of Colombian homes and we identified a list of 10 that are a reflection of the variety of our pastry.

· Soursop cake (which is the most famous and legendary)

· Red velvet cake (it is one of the most recent)

· Yanuba traditional black cake with fruit, grapes, plums and walnuts

· Lemon pie

· Sugar-free almond chocolate

· Apple strudel

· Baked red fruit cheesecake

· Millefeuille of guava, arequipe, chantilly

· caramel cake

· Tres Leches Cake