Bonduellea leading company in the market of IV Rangepresents its novelties for the range Salad menu.

This range boasts a wide selection of salads already washed and ready to eat, ever richer and more varied. Even if habits have changed, salads in bags continue to be a product consumed and appreciated by Italians, so much so that the market grew by + 5.7% in 2021[1].

Each dish has its ideal salad, so each mix is ​​designed as a perfect match for meat, fish, cheese or salad base dishes – this is the characteristic that over time has become the hallmark of the Salad List. The range is designed to be a source of inspiration in the kitchen, even when you have little imagination, and it is the perfect ally in times of difficulty or indecision: just choose the main dish and the salad list will take care of the perfect match.

The Salad Menu range now includes:

  • The new Recipe Decided, to combine with cheeses, based on kale. This raw material is also known as curly kale and comes mainly from two Italian regions, Puglia and Tuscany. The new recipe, in a 100-gram format, stands out for the strong taste of kale and chard which, combined with the sweetness of carrots and lettuce, create a perfect mix for original and delicious combinations for cheese-based dishes.
  • The Limonetta Recipe, for meat dishes. With a change of raw material compared to the previous recipe, that is, replacing the songino with curly endive, a mix with radicchio and sorrel was created that is more crunchy. Thanks to the light lemon taste of sorrel, the mix becomes ideal for pairing with meat. Also proposed in the new 100 gram format.
  • The Spicy Recipean ideal mix for salads, with lettuce, red mustard and romana to create salads with a light spicy taste, is revised in the format that goes from 80 to 100 grams, a format more aligned to the needs of consumers.

News also for the packaging. The whole range becomes even more sustainable: the new Salad Paper packs are produced using the innovative Mass Balance process, which reduces the use of fossil-based plastics by 30%, thus limiting the environmental impact on our planet. The new packs are in fact made of R-PP, a plastic material that guarantees the same performance, while maintaining the quality of the product. The innovation is communicated through a graphic restyling of the packaging: the claims “We use recycled plastic” and “recyclable” have been inserted on all products, highlighting Bonduelle’s sustainable commitment.

Furthermore, the renewal of the Carta delle Insalate range is supported by a campaign on the main digital platforms, including Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, according to the concept “Your winning card in the kitchen”. Four animated videos tell in a cheerful and playful way the difficulties of having guests – whether it is a romantic dinner, a quick smartworking lunch or the sophisticated uncle, or the food blogger friend – and suggest the Salad Menu as ace in the hole to create perfect combinations with the ingredients we have in the refrigerator, making everyone win the “game in the kitchen”.