The salad in a bag hides pitfalls that not everyone knows and can be very “dangerous for health”

How many times have we bought the salad in a bag? For convenience, certainly many. But perhaps not everyone knows how it is done.

To the supermarket we find all kinds: crunchy whole or cut leaves, mix of varieties, exquisite combinations and also with added ingredients such as dried fruit and crackers. L’packaged salad is really handy because once at home – or in the office – we can eat it without having to wash it and dry. Or not?

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There requestindeed, it arises spontaneously and it’s not easy to find one unique answer. There is who in doubt gives him another rinse and who does not think twice to add salt and oil and to enjoy it quietly. There are, however things we should know about salads sold in plastic packages.

Is the salad in a bag really “ready to eat”?

The endorsements “Good to eat immediately”, “does not need washing” and others are present in many packaged foods. Even in the salad. It’s not about randomly writtenBut say regulated indications. According to theFDAthe label in this case there reassures that the product is truly consumable without prior washing.

In fact we need to know that the vegetables then packaged are subjected to a very accurate industrial washing, divided into 3 phases. As soon as they are harvested, the salad leaves are cleaned to eliminate traces of earth and also of bacteria. Once the salad bag is opened, therefore, there is no need to clean it thoroughly, as it would be appropriate to do for other products contaminated by pesticides.

On the contrary, experts recommend not doing a home wash of the salad, why we could even lower the quality and safety. In fact, if we do not have clean hands or do not dry them properly, it could come contaminated by germs and bacteria present in our kitchen.

The pros and cons of salad packs

It must be said, however, that the same experts advise not to resort to salads in bags too often, even if comfortable. And the reasons are more of orientation ethical what else.

First of all let’s think about the price. In relation to the fresh and loose one, a bag of 200 grams of salad in a bag costs much more, almost the triple. Then there is to evaluate thenutritional intake. It has been shown that the salad leaves in the bag they perish faster and just as quickly they lose the content of good substances.

Then let’s talk about the possibility of bacterial contamination. Even if the industrial washing has been done correctly, there is a risk. And a single “rotten” leaf is enough to ruin the whole bag. With the loose one, however, just remove the damaged part and the rest can be eaten.

Last but not least, let’s think about the waste of plastic and the pollution that comes with it. For years there has been talk of reducing the use of plastics and petroleum-derived products at an industrial level. Still, just take notice and we’ll see that at the supermarket it is still like many years ago or almost.

However, we can choose and avoid buying packaged fruit and vegetables, e give our little big contribution to the elimination of plastic fromenvironment.