The “recipe” for success is digitization

Students and recent graduates of the careers of gastronomy and attached should take into account that 70% of the restaurants and suppliers of the food sector, in Latin America, closes before its fifth anniversary.

“Chefs are artists and art sometimes dies for a lack of administration. Universities today teach the gastronomic part and the art of cooking. They teach how to sell, how to make marketinghow to take photos of your product: they show the sales part, but not the purchase part. We are working with the largest university of gastronomy in Mexico to have courses on how to manage the relationship with suppliers, so that they can be successful in their businesses”, commented Alberto Sada, CEO and co-founder of Ventup, start up that digitizes the operation and communication between restaurants and suppliers.

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University gastronomy studies have had an increase

The university studies gastronomy have increased in recent years. The foregoing has caused that, for example, in Mexico alone, during 2019, the restaurant sector represented 2% of the Home NIBional.

Currently, this sector has a high rate of employability due to the extensive labor field.

The graduates of racing gastronomy they can practice in restaurants, cafeterias, private events, banquets; also as wine or coffee tasters and even within the field of research gastronomic

This feature makes the gastronomic sector be very attractive to many future professionals.

The new generations have the responsibility to digitize the industry

But it should be noted that these new generations have the responsibility to digitize this industry in order to make it more efficient in all its processes.

In this sense, the representative of vent-up He said that schools need to take into account the new demands of the industry and integrate them into the study plans since, just as it is important to know how to cook, it is also important to use digital tools.

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