The PSOE of Alicante denounces the tax reduction policy of Barcala (PP): 15 million

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The general secretary of the PSPV-PSOE of Alicante, Miguel Millana, and his executive spokesperson, Trini Amorós, have been very critical of the fiscal policy of the mayor of Alicante, the popular Luis Barcala, in what they consider a “very negative balance” of the municipal government that “uses highly questionable techniques.”

Millana has questioned the City Council’s debt repayment policy undertaken by Barcala in a municipal executive shared with Cs, while “has tried to appear as offended and aggrieved” by other administrations. “An image that was distorted when the investments began to arrive.

In this context, Millana has criticized that the Alicante City Council has saved 49 million in the first year of its mandate and 78 and 109 million respectively in the second and third years, as remnants. “What does Barcala do with all the funds that are coming to him? Because if we were to say that Alicante is a ‘cup of silver’…“, the socialist has asked.

In this sense, he has been especially critical of the tax reduction undertaken by the PP and Cs since “5.5 million per year have stopped being collected with which many things could have been done. 15 million in three years”, has manifested. “What can a person from Alicante do with a good house with 200 euros more in their pockets? Go out to dinner with friends?“Miguel Millana wondered. “And one with a smaller house with 10 euros saved?” he added.

For its spokesperson, Trini Amorós, with that money neighborhoods like Sangueta or El Cementerio could have been redeveloped. Especially now that Alicante is going to have the old fuel warehouses of La Britannica. And it is that for Millana La Sangueta, in the vicinity of the historical deposits, it is in a state of “unpresentable filth”.

In addition, the local socialist leader ensures that the City Council it does not have enough civil servants to undertake all the challenges that lie ahead. “Barcala thinks that the money is better in the pockets of the citizens than in the public coffers and with the means that he has, he cannot do anything”, the socialist has sentenced.

For his part, Amorós has demanded that the city position itself as a benchmark in water sports, which would help to deseasonalise tourism. “It is not normal that I, born in Alicante, I can go down a black ski slope but have no swimming style“, has been set as an example to claim a great educational center for all the children of Alicante that serves as a claim for stars of the nautical sport.